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Madison Fabric Sofa Grey

Our Price $599.00 Retail Price $1,100.00


Length: 90"

Depth: 39"

Height: 40"

The close cousin to the café Madison Fabric Sofa is the Grey Madison Fabric Sofa. Priced at a modest $599.00, this world-class product is a masterful supplement to rooms marked by golden shades, by sepias and browns, and by red and white accents. It possesses the exact same dimensions as its grey counterpart – 90” X 39” X 40” – and is great for seating family or friends. The Madison Grey Fabric Sofa is warm and welcoming, and its ability to gently reflect light allows it to soften any room in your home. It is a perfect centerpiece for guest rooms, family rooms, or anyplace that is designed to bring people together. Given Madison’s outstanding reputation for quality and conscientious workmanship, you know you are getting something that will enrich your home for years to come.

We strongly suggest that you purchase the Grey Madison Fabric Sofa in tandem with our other Madison products, such as our Madison sofa beds. And we just as strongly urge you to look at our Madison corner sofa and the way in which it can make those barren corners of any room fill with warmth. Madison, like Pallucci Furniture, has worked hard for its outstanding reputation. We invite you to speak with us today about how you can add this outstanding brand name to the interior of your home.

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