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Home Gifts for Dad on Father's Day

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Dad has always been there for you. When you were young, he gave you rides to school. He ran along with your bike (on training wheels) till you were stable enough to ride on your own. When you were a bit older, he was present at every school play. All throughout the years he has taken care of you 100 percent. It is no surprise you are thinking of the best way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Please don’t get him another tie or mug. Since your father spends tons of time in the house, why not get him a gift that he will use the most? Man caves, home theatres, and sports gear all make for great additions to the house, and will make your father extremely happy! Here are a few options of what you could get him on Father’s day.

Build a Man Cave

A man cave is a special place in the house, filled with a well-stocked bar, hobbies, and various sport collections. Here are some ideas you will need to set up a perfect man cave for your dad.

  • Take your time to think about the space needed and picture how you want your Man Cave to look like. A basement will work well, as you need room for a couch or sofa (sofa beds also work well), a television set, and more coffee tables and chairs. Do you have room for posters? Memorabilia? A pool table? It’s best to make a pros and cons list to see what your options are for building a man cave.
  • Sound-proof the environment: Create a warm man cave by installing soundproof and add some insulation material within the wall studs. Your father will thank you when he is yelling at the TV during Sunday night football, and you’ll be happy as well.
  • Relaxed seating. Get the most comfortable armchairs, couches, beanbags, and recliners. Also, choose a quality furniture (of course). Do some thinking and see how often your dad invites his friends over, if it’s often, look for some extra seating.
  • Put in a fridge or bar: Class up the man cave with well-stocked bar plus one or two bar stools. If you just wish to keep some beers cold and store some easy snacks, go for a mini-fridge.
  • Gaming supplies: Man cave is a good place for gaming. From cards to board games, and table tennis table. Add any game that interests dad to make the cave perfect for him. If your dad is more techy, look for an Xbox One or Playstation 4 system for gaming.

Build a Home Theatre

A home theater may be one of the easiest things to build for dad on Father’s day. But what are the components needed to build a home entertainment?

  • An HD TV or possibly a projector/screen combination.
  • An audio receiver or amplifier.
  • and home entertainment system speakers.
  • Couches or sofas

Get an HD TV

Choosing a wide-screen HDTV for video display is a good idea. An HD TV is simpler to control, also the contrast, brightness, video resolution, and color are better than using a projected image.

With technology improving quickly and prices coming down, there are readily accessible models of any size that provide outstanding video. Craigslist has a lot of used TVs if you want to save a few bucks.


You must first decide whether you want a surround-sound speaker. If you do, then the best dimensions of your audio system will be determined by the size of the room. There are common varieties of a surround-sound setup such as 5.1, 7.1 etc.

The good cabling is also as significant as the parts mentioned above. Be sure to use a high-quality cable when building a home theatre system. If you don’t have proper space, a Bose speaker that doesn’t take up the entire room works great for surround sound.


Once he sits down, he may never get back up. The couch is where he will be sitting while he enjoys his amazing home theatre. Hopefully, your dad likes to share. So look for a sofa that has room for the whole family! To take your couches one step further, look for one cup holders or TV trays to make eating and drinking easy while enjoying movies.

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