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Make Your Home Feel Like an Airbnb

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You know that feeling when you walk into an Airbnb and you just know that a professional interior designer put together the space? Well, you too can achieve that professional result by just choosing the right pieces!

Airbnbs achieve their success through landing on a neutral but pleasing palette that brings in the trends without looking like they tried “too hard.” The easiest, and most successful way to make this happen in your own home is to rely on true trends that have lasted the test of time. Mid Century design is still incredibly popular when it comes to Airbnbs and vacation rentals. The style reminds guests of a simpler time, record players, actual photographs, and family vacation, while remaining incredibly practical and long lasting. We absolutely love the Edgar Fabric chair and chaise, and how well they match the Maliny lamp. Neutral fabrics, pin legs, and wood are effortlessly Airbnb ready.       

If the Mid Century style isn’t piquing your interest, something along the lines of the more modern traditional Aubrey sofa set may get you thinking. The soft gray palette, structured lines of this sofa pair well with wood accents, house plants, and simple black framed photographs.

Airbnbs are all about entertaining, leisure, and enjoying good food and company. Which is why if you want your home to feel like an Airbnb you will need to put some attention into the dining area. We absolutely love the versatility of the Marney Dining Set. The soft, upholstered dining armchairs, and the round wooden dining table make this table as excellent for holding business meetings as it does for a sophisticated dinner party.        

Follow these design tips and your home will feel like an Airbnb all year round! Happy travels! 

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