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Chastain QUEEN

Our Price $399.00 Retail Price $998.00

Queen Mattress Euro Top Plush

(Excludes Box Base)


60” W x 80” D 

Thickness: 12"


The Chastain Euro Top Plush Mattress is as beautiful as a good night’s sleep. It’s only $499.00 and has dimensions of 60” X 80”. It’s strong at its base, but designed to be soft at the base of your spine. It has a pleasing off-white colour, but its clean lines and quality stitching are simply part of what makes it so great. It’s built with you in mind, but can give succour to almost anyone. It is a great addition to the Chastain lineup of double mattresses, and doesn’t look at all out of place in a home featuring Mathewson products. It will take any and all abuse the kids can hand out, and will still be there for you when you get home. In our experiences, and in the experiences of our customers, the Chastain Euro Top Plush Mattress is as good as it gets for offering quality, comfort, support, and a sense of wellbeing. We’ve been offering Chastain mattresses for more than a generation, and we now have the children of the parents who made purchases back in the 1990s coming to us in search of a Chastain Euro Top Plush Mattress to call their own.

You can’t get a greater endorsement than that.

See us as soon as you can, and start feeling the Chastain difference when you wake up in the morning. 

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