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Having a home office is much different than having an office away from your house. Whether you are using your home office as additional office space, or whether your job involves entirely working from home, your home office is a space you tend to spend a lot of time. We all know that when you have an office in your home that you work way more hours than you would at a regular 9-5 job. You want to make sure that your home office has everything you need to create the perfect space for you to allow the creativity to flow and maintain the focus you need to get all of your work done, so hopefully you aren’t working at your desk at 1 in the morning. Unless you want to of course

What needs to go into a home office to make sure you have everything you need? Your home office should speak what your work is, and what it is you do. If you are an artist, or someone who works from a more creative angle, then you can create a more fun eccentric looking atmosphere. If your work is something more of an accountant, or a managerial type of role, you may want it to look a bit more executive style that has a very classy business type of look and feel. This is especially true in either case if you have clients coming into your office

No matter which side of the fence you fall on, you want to make sure you have adequate space for your computer, monitors, books, papers, a place to work if you do anything by hand, and of course a place for all your office supplies. Creating the perfect work from home office also means choosing a style that allows you to move easily through your office space so you can easily switch from one task to another feeling a sense of control, and accomplishment because it looks and feels good to you. Performance when you are working from home is key to ensure the creative juices keep flowing and productivity stays at an optimal high

With our selection of desks and bookshelves in different colors, and wood grain styles, we will help you to outfit your office so everything has its place, and you are confident as you sit down at your desk to work on that project or get on a zoom call with your client. The Pallucci staff has your needs in mind when it comes to helping you create the office space that work will flow so smoothly you will wish you had bought all new office furniture months ago!