5 Reasons Why a Black Leather Sofa Will Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home

Published by Clive Braude on 10th Dec 2015

The idea of going with a bright colour for your sofa or sectional can provide an interesting living room look, but it’s worth realizing that neutrals also have the ability for bold impact. If you’re contemplating a neutral sofa and are leaning towards black leather, here are some reasons why this item will make for a sophisticated, timeless living room look.

It’s Easy to Accent

The great thing about black is that it is a neutral tone, and this means that you can dress it up in almost any way you like without having to worry about what you’ll accent it with. While a coloured sofa can be a hard piece to work with, a black sofa will have the versatility to work with a broad range of colours for a complimentary overall look.

It Will Always Be in Style

The easy elegance of black is a reason that black has remained such a popular tone for designers and dressers for so many years. While colours or other neutrals can certainly work to dress up a room in their own way, black is inherently polarizing and sophisticated, and will provide an instant upgrade to your living space.

The Durability of Dark Colours

A sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house, and this means that a great deal of wear and tear can naturally occur with this item. A white fabric sofa will instantly show a coffee stain or a minor tear in the fabric, but black leather is easy to clean up in the event of spills and possesses enough durability and darkness that it won’t show scuffs or aging too easily.

An Elegant, Striking Contrast

Black is such a distinctive tone that if you happen to place it on a lightly coloured hardwood floor or even a white rug, it will instantly create a dramatic, monochromatic look. A vibrant coloured sofa can certainly work to create a lively flair to your living room, but black can be bold in a more subdued way if it is contrasted against light colours that play up its sophistication.

Instantly Create an Intimate Space

It might seem like a black sofa will instantly nullify a large living room and provide too much of an anchor to keep it looking spacious, but a black sofa can actually provide the effect of an intimate, family room look. If you happen to have a large, lit space, a black leather sofa may provide the right touch for a room ideal for entertaining close friends and family.

The purchase of a black leather sofa can seem like a risky one with the intimidation that the shade can provide, but it can be a great means of anchoring a room and creating a dramatic and elegant space. Black is not only a great option due to its easy accenting with vibrant colours, it’s also a classic tone that can easily transform the look of your living room and will never go out of style.