Fabric Chairs

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You may occasionally find that locating top-notch fabric chairs is something like an impossible dream: the fabrics may be too cheap; or they may be too fragile; or they may be too gaudy or gauche for your home. Pallucci Furniture understands your frustration, because we’ve heard it from many of our customers over the years. That’s why we hoard the best stuff at our outlets: we want our customers to know that they only have to go to one place to get all they need.

We make sure to carry as wide a selection as possible.

Our offerings to you run the gamut: Astro brown chairs; Astro lime chairs; Red Circle fabrics; Grey Comox chairs; and Grey Lacey chairs.

And that’s just a start.

We offer a veritable rainbow of colours and a wide range of fabrics because we understand that every dining room or living room is a little bit different in its own special way. Our chairs can be purchased in pairs or sets or in standalone units, whatever the occasion demands.

Let’s face it: everyone needs fabrics that are right for them. That capture what they – what you - want their (or your) living room or dining room to say. You need fabrics that have the gentle hues or subtle splashes of colour that add to your favourite décor instead of taking away from it. If you come to Pallucci Furniture, you will find the chairs you want with the fabrics you desire.  

And it won’t cost you an arm or a leg – no pun intended.

Our recliner chairs have already been discussed elsewhere, but they also deserve a mention here. Our Ellis recliners, in taupe micro suede, or our Ellis loveseat recliners (also in taupe micro suede), are understated, enduring, and perfect for melting into the background without falling apart on the job. At Pallucci, we know exactly what we want because we know our customers and we know quality: we want chairs with fabrics that are tasteful, durable enough to endure the elements, and that won’t fray or degrade. They have to be comfortable to sit upon, comfortable to look at, and they have to fit in with your interior colours and with the vision you have of your home.

At Pallucci Furniture, our chairs can offer you comfort or sophistication – or both – depending on what you’re looking for. Come in today and see how we can help.