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How to Shop Black Friday Sales Like a Pro

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Black Friday is just around the corner! That means amazing sales, bargains, and line ups! It doesn’t have to be a stressful day though. Black Friday sales are starting earlier and earlier every year. Plus, they’re happening more online than they ever used to.

Here is your step by step guide on how to make the most out of Black Friday 2019.


Step One: start with a plan! There’s nothing more overwhelming than the feeling that you need to get the best deal possible, but not knowing what you are looking for! Spend some time between now and November 29th to do a little home inventory. What pieces of furniture do you need to replace over the next year? What home renovation projects are on the horizon? What are your goals for your home? What would you like to bring into your home to make it even more comfortable and cosy?

Step Two: Research! Once you have actually written a list, start searching around on websites. Identify which stores and online retailers may be having killer Black Friday sales and narrow in on those. Your Black Friday will be so much more successful if you have a plan that takes you to a handful of shops and online stores instead of wandering the mall in a haze of indecision.

Step Three: Test drive! When it comes to making big furniture purchases, it’s nice to know exactly what you are getting. Spend some time over the next month at the Pallucci Furniture showroom. Ask our sales team what pieces are going to be popular over the next year, what trends to be on the lookout for. Ask them to suggest pieces that suit your lifestyle and needs. They’re the experts!

Finally, once Black Friday sales start you will be prepared. Wait for those discounts to take effect, for those sales to start and be confident that you are making the right decision! Pallucci Furniture offers free in-town delivery, and furniture pick up to make Black Friday even easier than ever! 

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