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Creating Your Own Space During a Time of Crisis

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So many of us are surrounded by loved ones during this time, yet many others are not. Many people are sheltered in their homes or apartments and being unable to access the outside on a regular basis are cooped up indoors. Or people are simply fearful of what is going on out there and just want to stay inside. No matter the situation we all need to feel like we have something that is our own, something that we can fulfill ourselves with. There is only so much you can do inside your home. We understand what you must be feeling, and we want you to know you are not alone. We want to help you make the best of the situation we are all faced with.

It isn’t about buying and selling furniture to us. It is about providing something that will make a difference to all our client. Our clients are like family to us, and we hard to provide you products and a service that help you enhance your life, and give you peace of mind. Wit that in mind we have a couple ideas of how you can bring some sunshine back into your home, give you hope in this time, and allow you to feel happy and comfortable in your home once again.

Whether you have a larger space, or a smaller one only speaks to how it needs to be done, not what needs to be done. Whether you want a reading area, a video game area, a place where you can sit and do your work, or a place where you can binge watch movies and have a theater like experience, we can help you make that happen.

What you can do from there is set out your budget. How much can you spend comfortably to give yourself what you deserve so you can create happiness within your space. Maybe it is as simple as a an office desk with a side table to quietly write your book, or maybe you want to set up a corner of your living room with your own comfy leather recliner, a tv, and your console to play video games that is offset from the main part of your living room just for you, or for you and the kids. The possibilities are endless.

We have something for everyone. You tell us what you need when you need it and we will make it happen. We will even take away your old furniture that was in its place so that you can set yourself up and move forward with a new outlook on life in no time. Finding something for you is so important, and here at Pallucci Furniture there is nothing more important to us than putting a real smile on your face. Give us a call and we will help you get the process started today! 

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