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9 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Mattress

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A wise man once said, “if you’re going to spend money, spend money on new shoes or a new bed, because if you aren’t in one you’re in the other.” There are many reasons why it might be time to consider buying a new mattress. Look at how much of our lives we spend in our beds, doesn’t it make sense to find the perfect one for you? Everyone is different. Some of us are bigger and require more space and others sleep in certain positions. With so many types of mattresses to choose from, maybe it’s time to find one that’s right for you Here are 9 signs it’s time for you to replace your mattress.

  1. You wake up with back pain
    A soft bed can cause your body to form bad posture, causing stress on certain joints or muscles. This is especially true if you sleep on your stomach, as it causes a pinching in your spine. If you look to buy a firmer mattress, you should wake up feeling more well rested the next morning. But don’t go too firm, because it can push on pressure points and cause misalignment and discomfort. It’s a good idea to test out your options in person to get the best feel.
  2. Your mattress has a noticeable odor
    We’ve all had that favorite mattress that maybe we should have let go of sooner. Sometimes the years of constant use build up and it can acquire a scent no fault of your own. Or, you made the mistake of letting your smelly friend sleep on it one time. Regardless, you may not notice the odour, but others do!
  3. You’ve got stains.
    While it’s fine to cover up mild stains with your sheet. Sometimes a few too many is enough to look at your options. To be fair, if possible, try a stain remover to get rid of the mess first. They are more powerful than you’d think!
  4. It makes a sound when you move (think 1980s box spring)
    “Crink” “Crink” Oh the days where jumping on a mattress could be heard from multiple doors down. Just kidding. If your mattress has more metal than foam or anything soft, you’ve got a problem. You deserve a mattress for the 21st century! Consider buying a memory foam, they’re very comfortable and you won’t feel any metal, we promise!
  5. You’ve got bed bugs
    If you’re waking up with bites from head to toe, or a constant inch spreading across your body, you probably have bed bugs. Bed bugs is the worst thing to happen to your mattress as the most guaranteed solution is to get a new one. Attempting to remove all the bed bugs from a mattress is very difficult, so it’s common for people to start from scratch with a new mattress.
  6. You don’t wake up feeling well rested
    Getting a quality sleep should be your top priority. If you want to maximize the remaining 16 hours of the day, you have to get a good sleep. You need to find what type of mattress is right for you. Whether it’s a firm, soft, or adjustable, there is a mattress for everyone.
  7. You aren’t sleeping well with your spouse
    This could be caused by a variety of factors. However, let’s focus on the mattress side of things. If your mattress is too soft it could force one of the partners to slide into the other; making it difficult to keep space if it’s too hot. Or, is it possible your mattress is too small? Some people like to sprawl out when they sleep, so a king sized bed might be better suited.
  8. Your feet hang off the edge.
    While most adults should be okay in this situation, some people have to deal with their feet hanging over the edge of the bed. Consider teenagers, many hold onto their twin sized mattress a little too long. Remember to keep your body position in line by finding a mattress that fits your body type.
  9. You choose the couch over your bed
    If you routinely choose to sleep on the couch over your own bed, that’s a clear cut sign it’s time to make a change. If you don’t know what you want or what you need, consider going to your local furniture store to test out some beds. You’ll be met with friendly staff who will help guide you along the way and find the best mattress for you. 

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