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How You Can Give the Gift of TIME This Holiday Season

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What’s the one thing you wish there was more of over the holiday season? For most of us, that’s time. More time to spend on holidays away from emails and meetings, more time to spend with family enjoying each others company, more time to spend with our new gifts and toys. You get the picture. Time is a hot commodity over the holidays.

So, how can you give your loved ones the gift of time this year? For starters, help them access more efficient ways of doing the things they already do. At Pallucci Furniture, we have already thought of that. We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to start enjoying their new furniture. Which is why we offer Free Local Delivery on almost all sofas, beds, armchairs, bedroom sets, dining rooms sets, and more!

We don’t stop there though, we also offer furniture disposal. We are your one-stop shop for all your furniture needs in Vancouver!

Another way you can give your loved ones the gift of time this season, is our heavily discounted Cora Sofa Bed in Grey. This gorgeous sofa bed turns from sofa to bed - or incredibly attractive daybed - in moments. Perfect for visiting in-laws over the holidays, and even more perfect for a designated afternoon nap location. The sophisticated design with a modern feel makes this sofabed an instant classic.

One tradition that a lot of families enjoy over the holidays is re-watching holiday classics. Think, The Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life. Which one of these brings back warm holiday memories for you? The right media stand makes watching movies at home even more enjoyable. At Pallucci Furniture, we have a lot to choose from! Stop by today to see our selection, or browse our pre-Boxing Week sales online! A favourite of ours is the Derekson TV stand with its moveable shelves and chic rustic design.

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of High Quality Style

We all know that it can be hard over the holiday season to find something for everyone. At Pallucci Furniture, we suggest that you try to find something that is made of a high quality. As a society, we need to move away from throw-away fashion and accessories and towards long lasting, well made pieces [...]

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The Fabric Bed Frames That Dreams Are Made From

There’s just nothing like a well designed fabric headboard to tie together a relaxing, sleep inducing bedroom. Sure, wooden bed frames serve a structural, important purpose, but there’s something about a fabric headboard that we are on board with!One of our favourite fabric headboards and bed frames is the Pax available in Double, Queen, and [...]

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Modern Pieces for the Traditional Home

Making the transition from traditional to modern takes time and patience. Unless you’re in the mood (or have the budget) to do a total renovation chances are you are going to spend some time replacing pieces, changing wall colours, and slowly switching out accent pieces to suit your desired new aesthetic. As luck would have [...]

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In-law Approved Sofa Beds and Mattresses

So your in-laws are coming to town for the holidays. You’ve done a lot of work to prepare for their arrival. You have decided on a menu that accommodates everyone's unique preferences and allergies, you have put out the holiday decorations that they gave you last year as a gift. But wait… where are they [...]

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The Best Things To Buy NEW For Your New Home

Moving is a big expense, but there are a handful of purchases that everyone should make for their new home. Whether you are renting or buying, these items will make your home feel like it’s yours for keeps. A new bed. Ah, that unmistakable feeling of falling into your own bed after a long day. It’s [...]

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Treating Your Wooden Table: Polish or Wax?

Ah, the perennial polish versus wax debate. To those who have an opinion, you can be assured it is strong. To those who don’t, keep reading and develop your own!You have gone through the trouble and expense of purchasing a wooden table. Maybe it’s a dining room table, or perhaps nightstands, a hall table, or [...]

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Fall 2018 Interior Design Trends

With summer well and truly behind us, it’s time to look ahead to what is “in” for the Fall 2018 season. And, if you’re anything like us here at Pallucci Furniture, you’re going to like what you see.Here are the top trends for the fall and winter of 2018. First off: velvet couches. Better yet, [...]

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How To Safely Move Furniture

So, you’re moving! You found the perfect new place. It fits your style, it has the ideal layout. You can already see your new life in this space. You know exactly where you want your new living room or bedroom furniture in their new homes. All you need to do is get them there!Moving is [...]

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Simple, Inexpensive Bedroom Updates

With the summer nearly behind us, many of us at Pallucci Furniture often feel the need to give our homes a little fall refresh. Brighter colours are exchanged for more muted, calming tones. And comfort and enjoying the luxuries of our home become our top priority.What better room to focus our attention on than the [...]

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