Fabric Sofa Beds

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Sofa beds are supposed to be things for lounging, for sleeping, for being close to loved ones. And for making statements about yourself and about the lifestyle you want. Sofa beds, in a sense, can balance a room, invigorate it, or plunge it into the abyss. That’s why you don’t simply need the right item for the right room, but you need the right fabric to go with the right sofa bed.

That’s where Pallucci Furniture can help.

Our inventory is stocked with almost everything you could want: brown reversible chaise sofa beds; black reversible chaise sofa beds; grey fabric reversible chaise sofa beds; grey Fortex LHF sectional sofa beds; Lacey fabric sofa beds; ripple sofa beds with taupe colouring; and beige Perez sofa beds. And that’s only naming a few. Whether it’s Aldo, Comox, Carlos RHF sectionals, or Astro sofa beds in lime or brown, Pallucci offers sofa beds that come in fabrics that hold your attention and allow you to rest in comfort and contentment. Durable yet accommodating, soft yet tough, our fabrics meet the high standards we demand of anything we put our name to.

Our fabric sofa beds and sectionals are designed to be multi-functional and adaptable. They’re designed to fit snugly into the most intimate apartment or to stand securely and staunchly in the middle of a spacious living room. The combination of soft fabric married to a sturdy frame gives our sofa beds and sectionals the aesthetic, ergonomic and durability characteristics that everyone wants when they’re thinking about making a purchase. And luxury can come cheaply, too: our Madison sofa bed is notorious for its plush fabric and comes in as many as five different shades – including stone and mocha. Finding what’s right for you has never been easier.

Our company stakes our reputation on finding out how we can come up with the perfect fit for you. We bring you the widest array of fabrics possible because we’re not interested in simply giving you an echo when we can give you a real choice. That’s why we offer Devon fabric sofa beds in addition to Dallas fabric sectionals and all the other types mentioned above. If the perfect sofa bed is the only thing missing in your ensemble, then there’s a very good chance we have it in our inventory.

We help ourselves by helping you, and our fabric sofa beds are most certainly there to help.