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Coffee tables aren’t just about coffee. They help create a mood, a spirit, a general sense of conviviality and wellbeing. You want them to give your living room a unique, cohesive and finished look. And you want them to give you the dependability and functionality that only the very best furniture products can offer. Pallucci Furniture recognizes that quality and affordable price don’t have to be exclusive. And not every coffee table, even the premium brand names, will suit everyone’s interests or needs. That’s why it’s important to carry a wide range of different tables, because no two interior design plans are exactly the same

The coffee table selection we offer is the best you’ll find in the Greater Vancouver area.

For example, we offer Aron coffee table sets and Madanere coffee table sets for less than $600.00. And, as with all our goods, that includes taxes. If Enzo and Rayan don’t suit your tastes, we also have Quadra coffee tables for only $349.00. And Laney coffee table set for a mere $549.00. If those don’t tickle your fancy, we additionally carry Wadeworth coffee table sets for the low retail price of $249.00. It’s all there, and it’s all for you.

Our resolve never wavers: we want you to access the best for the least. And we’ll turn over every stone to give you the best bargain and the best coffee table for your special place.

Pallucci Furniture sees the coffee table as being almost a part of the family. It has to do its job. It has to look nice. It has to make the best use of space. And it has to convey comfort and security. This is true, in one way or another, for almost all furniture goods. But a coffee table, when positioned the right way – and when the right one for your dining or living room – can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s a critical reason why we are very selective about the brands and types of coffee tables we carry. It’s your home and your style after all!

And it’s our top-notch reputation for quality.

When you have a moment, come in today. Check out our Enzo coffee tables and Raven coffee tables. See our Hollynyx coffee table sets. Browse our Rowan tables. And see what Jack and Hunter are up to these days.

You won’t regret it.