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Sofas and couches are the biggest piece of furniture in your home. They will, invariably, be a focal point in any room. Depending on the circumstances, they can even be the most expensive piece of furniture you will buy for your residence. When you consider that most people keep their sofas for 5-8 years – which is longer than many of us keep our cars – picking the right sofa for you is vitally important. At Pallucci Furniture in Vancouver, BC, we know this. And that’s why we offer an excellent selection of leather & fabric sofas and couches for sale in Vancouver, BC that are inexpensive, high quality, attractive, and designed with everyday use in mind.

To get started, our Pallucci sofa and couches inventory is highlighted by several bonded leather brands. Bonded leather, because it is a mix of natural Leather and man-made constituents, is cheaper than all-natural leather; if you are thinking about only holding onto your sofa for 2-3 years and no more, then a bonded leather product might be perfect for you. Lacey black sofas; Lacey white sofas – these are our mainstay bonded leather products for those wanting an elegant look without high expense. If genuine leather is your thing, then try our Riva genuine leather in black or brown; our Aston brown and Aston black genuine leather offerings are also stylish additions to any living quarters. That means durability, a quality brand name, smooth and stylish elegance, and stalwart dependability can all be yours at low prices.

Like the right sectionals, the best sofas offer comfortable seating arrangements and an air of conviviality. They’re what home feels like when you’re seated in front of your entertainment system or just chilling out with close friends. Depending on your needs, you can find comfortable and casual sofas in our extensive stock, or more polished and upscale offerings that make a statement about you and your lifestyle. Perez. Scala. Comox. Aldo. All these top fabric sofa brands are also available in our wide-ranging holdings. If you don’t want leather, but you still want something plush and appealing, then we have what you’re looking for.

Come in and experience Pallucci Furniture. It’s a decision you won’t regret.