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When you think of a beautiful leather couch or sofa, what is the image that comes to your mind? A nice spot for taking Sunday naps in front of the television? A comfortable piece of furniture meant for big rooms and big families? Or, a perfect seating place for your visitors? At Pallucci Furniture in Vancouver, BC, we believe that a large leather couch is more than just something to sit or sleep on. Instead, we see it as the furniture that takes the centre-stage in your living room. Therefore, you need more than a piece of furniture on which people can sit. Instead, you need something that fits your style and your space, even as it enhances the visual appeal and décor of your living room.

The Timeless Charm of Leather Couches & Sofas

A classic leather couch exudes a timeless appeal. This is why they can be loved and last for more than a decade – even if you have pets and kids. That too, with nothing more than a little maintenance.

If you like a sleek and unified arrangement, get a leather sofa set with a matching loveseat and an ottoman. Or, if you want your space to exude a unique look, arrange a solid leather sofa with a pair of patterned upholstered chairs. If you want to section off an open space for creating a cosy sitting area, a large three-seater sofa could be just what you need.

Choose from among our large selection of leather sofas. We have leather sofas in the classic colours like black, brown and beige. Or, if you want something bolder, try an accent piece like our deep red Romola leather sofa.

Consider Also Our Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Genuine Leather Couches & Sofas

We also offer 100% Bonded Leather sofas, if you’re looking for a lower-priced version of our 100 percent genuine leather sofas. Made of leather and other synthetic materials, the well-bonded leather sofas are a perfect alternative for customers having different preferences, tastes and budgets. You could even consider checking out our range of fabric sofas too.

Get a one-year warranty on each leather sofa and on any other products you purchase. Remember, all the prices listed on the site are inclusive of taxes.

Buy leather sofas priced at $699 and above and enjoy free shipping.