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7 Signs it's Time to Break up With Your Couch

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Breaking up is hard to do, especially when it comes to one of your most utilized pieces of furniture — the couch.

Perhaps you've logged plenty of miles on your sofa while curled up with a good book and have grown accustomed to its quirks and eccentricities. Or maybe, it's where you soothed your colicky baby late until early morning and have started to find the stains and sagging to be somewhat endearing.

Whatever your memories may be, it's important to realize that sentimentality can't replace functionality or style.

Here are seven signs it's time to fall in love all over again with a new couch.

Wandering Eyes

Do you find yourself sizing up other sofas while you are out visiting with friends and family? Do you have a difficult time not lusting after that new hot little leather number on display at the furniture store? It's okay, a wandering eye in the ways of furniture doesn't make you a bad person. If the idea of a new couch has you feeling as giddy as a school girl, it is probably time to move on. Think of the breakup as ripping off a Band Aid — donate or recycle that sofa so you can welcome your new love to the living room.

Lost That Loving Feeling

When you first brought your couch home, you were probably proud to show it off to anyone and everyone who stepped foot in your living room. Over time, things changed — you grew impartial, even embarrassed by the mere sight of it.Stains, snags, and loose springs have forced you to cover your couch with a slipcover in hopes nobody will notice its faults. Who are you really trying to fool? Life happens and so does wear and tear on your furniture — unless you wrap your sofa in plastic, it's impossible to keep it in mint condition over the years. If you've lost that loving feeling, it's high-time to go shopping.

Flirting With a New Piece

Have you gone from discreetly checking out other sofas to keeping an eye on the sales and new inventory at your favourite furniture store? Do you find yourself surfing the Internet late at night for a hotter model? This is a sure-fire sign you have already moved on. Don't worry, chances are someone else will appreciate your old furniture flame as much as you did.

No Long-term Potential

Chances are that the couch that caught your eye and won your heart 10 years ago, won't be around to celebrate any major milestones 10 years from now. The cold hard truth is that the lifespan of most couches ranges anywhere between 10 and 15 years. Even in the event that it does beat the odds and defy gravity, it's sure to be outdated. Do you really want an old couch holding you back from having a stylish abode?

You've been hurt physically

Are you tired of being poked & prodded by loose springs? Has that sinking seat become a pain in the butt — quite literally? If your couch is causing any discomfort, it's time to kick it to the curb —or of course, your nearest recycling depot.

Everyone is Rallying Against the Couch

For years, your mom, sister, boyfriend, aunt — even Fido — have been telling you it's time for a new couch. Sure ,you can cling to your foolish furniture pride, but that's not going to stop the comments from coming your way. Maybe it's time to sit down and find out what their beef is with your beloved couch. Who knows, they might be on to something.

You Made a Bad Choice

Sometimes people make mistakes when they choose a piece of furniture that turns out to be an awkward match. If this is the case, now is not the time retail regret. Simply admit you made an error in judgement, learn from it and move on. The next time you're in the market for a new couch, you'll have a better idea of what you want and need for your living space.

Nothing last forever and we both know hearts can change — especially if you can identify with any of the seven aforementioned breakup signs. If a new couch is on the horizon, we wish you nothing but the best in your future retail relationship. Now get out there and score!

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