Leather Look Chairs

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The leather look. Sleek. Refined. Uniform. Smooth. Whether it is loveseats, sectionals, recliners, chairs (maybe especially chairs) or sofas, the leather look combines sophistication with functionality and durability. Whether the colour is brown or black or white, leather adds a sheen and a polish to a chair that can make it the center of attention even in a room with a crowded décor. Some of our most notable offerings – such as our brown and beige Carmen Chairs or our bonded leather Acorn Chairs – can become the centerpieces of your living room, your rec room, your bedroom or even your dining room. That touch of refinement, that dash of class, that you always seek in your furniture – the right leather “look” can make a chair the centre point and even the rallying point for a room.

At Pallucci Furniture, a leather chair – or even an armchair – can add whatever it is that your living room is missing. With two leather accent chairs paired around a matching sofa set, you can give a living area a wonderful new atmosphere of comfort, fun and vitality. If it’s your basement bar that you’re most worried about, then finding the right leather ensemble can give your bar that edgy, vigorous vibe that everyone wants. With the right leather fixings, even the most staid rooms can be enlivened.

Whether armed or armless, whether beige, brown or black (or white), there’s probably a leather chair somewhere at Pallucci’s that can give you that “look” you’ve been looking for. When you’re entertaining guests or colleagues, when you’re trying to close the deal or just cement old friendships, a smooth and sleek leather look can capture the image you want in precisely the way you want it. That’s why people buy leather, in fact, and that’s why they come to Pallucci’s.

Whether it is Matiz, Acorn or Romola, whether it’s a chair for the upstairs of your home, the downstairs of your home, or the center of your home, come into Pallucci’s and see where we can help you. When it comes to furnishing your home, it might be one of the best decisions you ever make.