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7 Ways to Dress Up Your Living Room Windows

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One of the easiest and most affordable ways turn up the 'wow factor' in your home is to add an eye-catching window treatment.

Aside from keeping nosy neighbours from peeking inside your abode, a great set of curtains can quickly turn the entire look and vibe of your living room from drab to fab. Nowadays, anything goes in terms of fabric and design– and fortunately, there are endless options you can choose from at any budget.

For those who are wanting to add colour, warmth and sophistication to their living room without breaking the bank, these 7 stunning window treatments are sure to inspire a change.

1. Add a Pop of Colour

Whoever thought emerald green curtains would looks so stunning – and modern! Those munchkins over at the Emerald City in Oz were sure ahead of their time when it came to decor. If you're daring enough to copy this vibrant look as featured on Ghare Expert, just make sure the rest of your living room has a fairly neutral palate –After all, too many bold colours can go from wacky to tacky pretty fast. Consider optioning for a soft fabric such as satin to give it a romantic feel.

2. Add a Touch of Femininity

For those looking to add a touch of femininity to their abode without going 'too girly,' a soft floral pattern window treatment is a great way to go. Do you see how the mauve sheers complement the patterned curtains, adding a gorgeous dimension to the entire room? For extra impact, add some throw pillows to your sofa that pulls the colours from your curtains. As you can see by this living room featured in New Urban Homes, one can have fun with different patterns and textures – everything doesn't have to be so matchy- matchy.

3. Black & White

Make a bold statement with black and white stripes, like this stunning window treatment featured on Om Sync. The pattern will modernize any living space – pair it with vintage decor and furniture for a real eclectic vibe. Personally, I can't help but think that Beetle Juice must be missing his infamous suit. 

4. Blast From the Past

While fashion trends come, go and then make a reappearance decades later, home decor is no different. If these groovy curtains featured on Houzz remind you of your childhood, you probably grew up in the era of disco and bell bottoms. Even though they have a real retro feel, the window treatment sure looks modern and fresh next to that sleek white leather chair.

5. Valances

For those who want more of a masculine feel in their living room – think old boy's club – a chocolate brown valance made from silk is a great alternative to long, flowing curtains.

6. Creative Curtain Rods

Give your living room a rustic, 'beachy vibe' by using an old canoe paddle in place of a traditional curtain rod as featured on Eye for Design. This DIY home window treatment sure gives the room an eclectic "Oar-A," don't you think?

7. Bookworm Inspiration

Are you wondering what to do with all those books collecting dust in your basement? In addition to being a wonderful conversation starter, this DIY window treatment from Tattered Style is a great way to go 'green.' All you'll need for this project is some book pages, a scrap piece of wood, jump rings, two "L" brackets and some screws. What do you think 'novel' idea - pun fully intended!

From simple shades and luxurious drapes to various options for funky DIY window coverings, the sky's the limit when it comes to your home decor. Dress your window exactly the way you want, showcasing your personal style and creativity!

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