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A New Year, a New Look: 7 Easy Ways to Update the Look of your Living Room

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While many resolve to live a happier life in the New Year by eating healthier and exercising more, it’s important to remember that renewing your living space can be just as rejuvenating as bettering yourself. And with seven simple ways to pull it off, deciding to bring a fresh look to your living room may just be the easiest resolution you make this year.

Hang wall art

Draw the eye away from any imperfections in your room and towards a beautiful watercolour landscape or a collection of modern photography. Whatever your art preference may be, hanging it on the wall is not only an excellent way to personalize your living room, but it’s also a simple remedy for a space in need of some TLC. Alternatively, treat your walls with frames and switch out pictures whenever you feel the need for change. If you’re not one for displaying photographs, cut out favourite images from an old calendar, peel off your favourite wine labels or gather up postcards for framing and hanging.

Change up throw pillows

One of the easiest ways to switch up the décor in your living room is to throw in some new pillows and blankets. With an endless variety of fabrics, patterns and textures, you’ll soon find these seating accessories are, in fact, décor necessities. Simply add a few new pillows to your couch, living room or chair. This – with a complimentary throw draped over your couch or folded atop an ottoman – will breathe new life into your furniture. If the selection of throws and pillows available is overwhelming, try matching colours and prints to the season. Romantic silvers and blues are a great way to mimic winter’s natural wonders, while warm reds and golds create a cozy feel in the fall. Try fun flower or bird prints in the spring, and go a bit wild in the summer with bright colours and fun textures. By cycling through four sets of pillows and throws, you can simply tuck away one set at the end of each season and bring out the next.

Add a new area rug

Lay down a fresh look with the addition of an area rug. This décor must-have adds cohesiveness to a room, and can also bring out the best in your furniture. Soft colours and simple designs are a good pick for rooms that already have patterns and textures incorporated into the décor. Bold prints and vibrant hues are easier to pull off in rooms that boast a simple design, with neutral tones or minimal pieces of furniture. Whatever the style of your living room, the simple addition – or replacement – of this one piece can make the entire space feel brand new.

Paint the walls

A fresh coat of paint can create the feeling of a completely redecorated space. If an entire overhaul of your living area is out of the question, roll on a new colour or simply add a fresh coat of the current hue to give your entire room a crisp, clean look without the big price tag.

Choose an accent piece

Sometimes just one piece can make all the difference. Add a spark to your living space by choosing an accent piece to place on a table in your room. It may be a tall candlestick, stone statue, ornate lamp or decorative platter. Keeping the rest of the area free of clutter and picking one dominant piece to focus will add an interesting element to your space. Whenever the room begins to feel dull again – or when the season changes – switch out your accent piece for a new one and enjoy a sense of renewal.

Replace a piece of furniture

While there is nothing fresher than out with the old and in with the new, it may not be feasible to replace an entire living room set. But not everything has to go in order to create a new look. An addition such as a patterned fabric chair or ottoman can be a fun way to spruce things up. And, as coffee tables tend to be the focal point in the living room, either replacing or refurbishing your own can give the illusion of a large investment of money and time.

Play with lighting

Light up your living room with different lamps and shades. Rather than relying on a ceiling light to illuminate your space, use floor and table lamps to alter the mood in your room and provide favourable lighting for furnishings. Experiment with levels of brightness by using different bulbs, and switch up shades to see your room in a whole new light.

And there you have it – a new living room look for a New Year. With these 7 tips in mind, your abode will have a fresh new look for 2016. Happy New Year!

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