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Choosing Between Fabric and Leather Living Room Furniture

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Living room furniture is an investment! When you purchase a new sofa or loveseat you hope that this piece will be with you for a long time. You spend time and money keeping it looking new. You spend time making sure that the decor surrounding it fits, and brings everything together. So choosing the right fabric for your living room furniture is a big decision. The most common choice a consumer makes with living room furniture is the choice between leather and fabric.

Both leather and fabric have their benefits when it comes to living room sofas and loveseats. We’re going to go through a couple of the questions you should ask when choosing between leather and fabric furniture.

First off, how will you be using your living room furniture? Is your living room the primary relaxing and entertaining space in your home? Or, is this for a secondary room used occasionally? Deciding how and how often your living room furniture will be used will help you answer the first question: maintenance. Maintaining leather furniture is simpler than fabric furniture. Make sure though, to choose a durable leather sofa. The salespeople at Pallucci will make a great suggestion. Leather can be wiped clean of most spills, and is easier to keep free of pet hair and dust.

Our favourite leather living room furniture are the Lexi Genuine Leather Loveseat 

( and the Dupree Genuine Leather Sofa in Black  (

Next up, comfort. If you are choosing living room furniture for its comfort and relaxing potential, look towards fabric sofas. Fabric furniture has more “give” than leather furniture, making it more comfortable for relaxing into after a long day. If you do have pets or young children, make sure to invest in a high quality fabric and the right cleaners for that fabric. This will ensure that you’re ready for spills when they inevitably happen! Making sure to regularly vacuum your fabric furniture will also reduce odors and dust build up.

At Pallucci, we love the Sylas Fabric Loveseat in Grey ( and the Tegan Fabric Sofa ( - which is on sale! 

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