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​Already Longing for Summer? 3 Easy Ways to Incorporate a Beach Theme into Your Living Room

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With the winter season upon us and the summertime already feeling like a long way off, it’s possible you’re dreaming up ways of how to keep the memory of the warm season alive. While it certainly won’t be possible to hang out in the sun and barbecue through the winter, there are a few ways to incorporate a summertime vibe into your living room style so you can keep a little piece of it with you all the way through.

Let It Begin with White

The simplicity and easy brightness of white automatically associates it with the lightness of the summer season. Instead of reaching for colour right off the bat, try and utilize large furniture pieces like your sofa and your coffee table in shades of white that can be complimented with vibrant hues. Once you’ve placed your furniture, you can then proceed with adding the accessories that will make the room pop with brilliance. Whether you choose orange and yellow pillows to accent the sofa or a bright blue vase to recall days by the sea, this will easily create an elegant, beachy vibe in your family’s favourite space.

Don’t Forget the Patio Furniture

It can certainly be a risk to increase the casual quality of your living room in such a way, but if you have some wicker patio furniture in a light or bright tone that you rarely use, it might end up being a great addition to a beach-inspired space. Whether you lounged in it all summer with a pina colada in your hand or it never really got the use that you expected, this can be a great way to emphasize the laid-back summer season. You’ll want to avoid using any dark, plastic deck chairs for this purpose, but neutral toned wooden lounge chairs can add a unique ambiance to your space that can then be enhanced with other summer-inspired pieces around the living room.

Add Accessories with Summer Style

Changing up your furniture to shift the theme of your living room can be quite a task, so if you’re simply interested in a few small additions that will recall summer you may want to think in terms of accessories instead. There are plenty of ways you can chase the summer without overwhelming the room completely, so think of small additions like pillows with a summer print or pictures that feature beach scenes. While a few striking seashells placed across the mantle or on the coffee-table can certainly increase the summertime vibe in your living room, you may want to consider dressing up an old mirror with a frame of luminescent shells and placing it on the wall for easy effect!

If the summer has disappeared much more quickly than you would have liked this year, there are a numbers of ways you can keep its spirit alive in your living room. From sticking with a neutral tone enhanced with bright colours to reconstituting the patio furniture, there’s no reason you can’t easily recall your favourite season every day of the year.

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