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How to Add Colour Blocking to Your Home

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Colour blocking is a fun, easy way to add a splash of playful colour to your home. Better yet, you don’t have to renovate your whole home to do it! The beauty of colour blocking is that by incorporating individual pieces in a unique way, you can develop a look and style that is all you! And, because you’re mixing and matching different pieces it will never go out of style.

At Pallucci Furniture we love to suggest pieces that will stand the test of time. Pieces that can be repurposed to adapt to different styles and aesthetics, throughout different parts of your home. It’s this kind of versatility that makes your purchase a great investment!

Here’s where we would start with colour blocking. First off, choose a room! Any room of the house can be a good fit for colour blocking. Why not a powder room, front entrance, or your bedroom? Colour blocking is great for small spaces.

Let’s talk about the living room. First you will need to choose your palate. Once you have done that, decide on what aspect of the room you will be colour blocking. For example, a wall opposite the entrance to the living room. This way, your colour blocking will be the focal point! Some ways to get started are to paint a geometric pattern using your palate on your accent wall. Alternatively, find - or make! - a piece of modern art that incorporates your chosen colours. Next up, furniture!

Choose a piece in a bright, saturated colour. For example, the Madison Fabric Loveseat in Red!

Or, depending on just how courageous you are with your colour blocking, you may even want to incorporate patterns. For example, the Devon Fabric Chair?

Once you have chosen a piece of furniture to pull in your accent wall colour blocking, it’s time to accessorize. Think lamps, vases, rugs, throw pillows. But not all in the same colour! They should complement your palate but not match any individual colour. Here are a few suggestions.

The Saffi Lamp, or the Alize Shag Rug in Blush

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