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​How to Set Up Your Living Room for the Christmas Holidays

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How to set up your living room for the Christmas holidays

Setting Up For Christmas 

During the Christmas holidays, the living room is the place where you'll make memories that'll last a lifetime. The photos you take and the videos you share will be saved for years to come. Therefore, it's important to consider your current living room setting and think about the best ways to optimize it for the holidays. With the opening of presents, socializing, and mingling, you likely won't spend more time in any other place than the living room. As you may already know, you want to make sure to make your living room is the most festive area in the house. At Pallucci Furniture, we believe that setting up a living room requires careful planning and imagination. We strongly discourage people from driving to the closest store to purchase any festive decor or Christmas tree. You first need to evaluate your space and find ways to get the most out of your area. Every living room is different so make sure you consider the following factors when setting up for the holidays.

Fitting the Christmas Tree in Your Living Room

Christmas tree in living room

Unfortunately, not all of us will be able to set up a massive tree like the 76-foot Christmas tree in downtown Vancouver. However, that doesn't mean we can't set up a beautiful real (or fake) Christmas tree. If you have a large living room with vaulted ceilings, we recommend you push the limits and get a tree that fills your space. First, get out the measuring tape and go from floor to ceiling to see how much room you have. Once you get that number (usually measured in feet), make sure you minus a foot or two if you want to put a star on the top. Second, think about how far the tree can stretch horizontally. It's common for trees to push too far into the middle of the room, creating a hurdle for people to walk around. If horizontal space is the problem, you may have to sacrifice height to find the best fit. Aunt Leah's tree lots are some of the best places to find a holiday tree and has locations across Metro Vancouver. Aunt Leah's Christmas trees go up up to 11 feet tall! See what's available online and for a small delivery fee Aunt Leah will deliver a lovely Nordman or Fraser Fir right to your doorstep.

Rearranging Living Room Furniture

Living room set up for Christmas

After you've picked out the perfect Christmas tree, it's time to make space in your living room. For December, it's important to accept that a tree will be occupying the place for about a month which means you need to switch your focus. Although we all love watching TV, that's not what the Christmas holidays are for, they're for spending time with family and friends. So, if your furniture is "TV focused" or, positioned for everyone to stare at the TV, maybe it's time for a change. Try setting up your furniture to create an open "circle" environment. Creating an open space with people on all sides will surely help you reconnect with your loved ones over the holidays. No one likes coming over for Christmas Day only to watch 6 hours of NBA basketball (or do they?). If you went with a giant Christmas tree, you might have to remove some items (extra chair or side table) from the room to make space. But that's okay because if you decorate your tree right, no one will even notice!

Living Room Accessories

Christmas nutcracker

Finding the right accessories goes back to the first point - consider the size of your room. It's vital to keep everything proportionate to the size of your coffee table, fireplace, couches, and tree (of course). Also, consider the colours of your accessories. Try to match your current furniture, if possible, while still maintaining the festive spirit with red and green additions. Some simple ways of improving your space can include adding new pillows, a lamp, or a rug. Of course, the Christmas holidays always call for something to be a little more seasonal, so make sure you don't forget the stockings, garland, and nutcrackers! If you want to add a bit extra "flare" it's easy (and somewhat affordable) to add a few red accents to your living room. It can be as simple as adding holiday books and magazines for the coffee table, or a red fabric to lay over a section of your couch.


Once you've determined what tree size you want, how you're going to arrange your furniture, and found the best ways to accessorize everything, you're ready to make your living room the highlight of the Christmas holidays! If you have any questions on finding new ways to best compliment your holiday furniture and decor, visit us in store today and speak with one of our helpful staff members!

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