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​In the Doghouse Again? How to Make Sleeping on the Couch a Positive Experience

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There comes a time in every relationship where sleeping in the same bed is not an option.

The reasons could vary, maybe the in-laws are in town and they've taken over your room or that nasty cold that is circulating is making your mate snore like a foghorn. However, the most common reason for not sleeping in the same bed is just simply being 'in the doghouse.'

Maybe one day some fancy scientist will invent a way to go back in time so you can re-think doing whatever it was that you had done to upset your partner.

Until then, we must face the music and set up camp in the living room.

Here are some ways you can make your new (hopefully) temporary bedroom a little more comfortable.

1) Invest in a Futon 

These modern sofa-bed hybrids do not have the best reputation for being the most comfortable seating or sleeping option. However, in recent years, that has all started to change. Manufacturers have now started to produce more comfortable options - making the unattractive, bulky mattressed futons of yesteryear a thing of the past. Right now, we’re really digging the new leather futons on the market, like this one offered on Ebay – which really proves that futons are not just for college dorms any more.  

2) Buy a soft Leather couch 

There’s no denying the comfort of a soft leather sofa – especially when you’re sleeping on it. Also, leather couches are also durable, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your sofa's shape while you slumber. Our Bryce Sofa, available in black or brown, combines both comfort and good quality – perfect for those times when you’ve been banished to an evening spent sleeping on the couch.  

3)Super-size your Sectional 

There are many reasons for families to love sectional sofas. They provide an abundant amount of seating and are more affordable that then traditional couch/loveseat combo. As a bonus, they are amazing to sleep on – especially of you are lucky enough to snag that coveted corner seat. Recently, we came across Interior design magazine’s idea of a sectional sofa with ottomans strategically placed so that takes up an entire room, giving the illusion that the room is in fact, one giant sofa. While it doesn’t seem like the most practical of ideas, it’s definitely a serial couch sleeper’s dream. It also leaves us asking, how would one go about vacuuming underneath that thing?  

4)Sofa bed bar shield 

Another entry with a reputation for discomfort, sofa beds are known for lumpy mattresses and their tendency to cause sore backs. This is usually due to the sofa bars underneath digging into the sleeper’s back all night. Well, this is no longer an issue – some genius, of whom I’m pretty sure has spent their fair share of time in the doghouse, has invented a shield that covers the support bars on a sofa bed; resulting in an entire night of uninterrupted sleep. Just make sure to take that shield off before unwanted guests come into town, you don’t want them to get too comfortable, do you? The one pictured below is available on  

5)Sleeping Bag Sofa 

If you find yourself sleeping on the couch more often than not, it could be time to check out the Camp Day bed by Stephanie Hornig . In a nutshell, it’s a sleeping bag on legs – perfect if you’re a minimalist looking to do away with pillows and blankets. As a bonus, it serves as a functional sofa as well.  

Now once all is said and done and you have been invited back into the bedroom, you should take some time and reflect on how your actions made your partner feel. Relationships are about communication and trust you should take the steps required to ensure that you are always welcomed back into your own bed. 

If all else fails, you’ll at least have a comfortable living room sofa to sleep on.

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