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The Ultimate 'Man Cave'

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Since we recently posted about the Ultimate Ladies Living Room, we figured it is only fair to feature the ‘Man Cave’.

When it comes to the design of a household, the lady of the manor gets to make the bulk of the decisions. In most cases, she chooses the colour schemes, furniture and decorations with very little input from the man of the house. Basically, she rules the entire kingdom – well, with the exception of one place. The man cave.

The design of a man cave will vary from man to man. Sports-minded men tend to create spaces decked out in sports memorabilia, while outdoorsy types may decorate in camouflage prints.

In any case, your man cave is the ultimate sanctuary and should reflect your personality.

If you’re not quite sure which direction to take your cave in, we’ve gathered up some manly ideas.

The Sofa

Anyone will tell you that the first step to setting up your male sanctuary is to find that one ideal sectional sofa - the Holy Grail of a man cave. It must be both large enough to seat you and all of your buddies for the big game and durable enough to handle victory celebrations. 

Our Matiz Black Leather Corner Sofa will make you the envy of all your drinking cronies. Spilled drinks and cheese puff finger smears will wipe clean off of its bonded leather upholstery.

The Chair

A must have for any masculine dwelling is the classic recliner - that one chair that is off limits to all but the king of the castle. 

Constructed with ultimate comfort in mind, The Calrtonbonded leather recliner is the perfect throne

The Bar

No man lair is complete without a bar. In fact, in some areas of North America, it is illegal to call a room a man cave if it doesn’t have one. (We read this somewhere on the Internet, so it’s got to be true, right? The internet does not lie).

If you’re looking for something over-th- top, a bar that looks like something straight out an English pub is going to look amazing and pretty much blow people’s minds. However this one, available on ebay, will cost you about $9000 - so you may want to hold off on this purchase until you’ve matched all five numbers on the 6/49.

The Décor

Décor in man cave is not your typical fare. It’s very rare to see throw cushions - unless it’s emblazoned with the logo of your favourite beer or sports team. Here are some man friendly ways to spruce up your den.

Not only does this neon sign from look cool, it pays homage to Spuds MacKenzie, the original party animal. For those who don’t remember, Spuds Mackenzie was the Bud Light spokesdog in the late 80’s and was pretty much the coolest mutt ever.

Vintage signs can add a touch of elegance to your man cave while maintaining that rugged look you desire. 

Channelling your inner nine-year-old has never been easier with this Classic Nintendo controller coffee table. Made by the Bohemian Workbench, this table comes in manly walnut finish. And the best part about this table? Remove the glass and it serves as a fully functional NES controller.

At first glance, this Carnival Dunk Tank available through may seem like an unusual item to have in one’s home. However, the hours of fun you’ll have dunking your friends and loved ones will make the $3,700 asking price seem worthwhile. We think the real question here is why don’t you have a dunk tank in your basement?

Now that we’ve given you some ideas, go create the ultimate man cave that will make you happy and your friends never want to leave. Until you kick them out. 

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