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The Winter Season Has Arrived – Here’s How You Can Keep Your Sofa Clean and Stain-free

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Winter is here, and in BC that means rain, mud, leaves, maybe some snow and definitely messes. And if you have children or pets, it’s more than likely that at some point this season, they’ll bring leaves or dirt into your home and possibly onto your sofa. A number of sofas can stain quite easily, which is why you’ll want to clean your sofa as soon as possible – and make sure you use the right technique. 

So, how can you prevent staining on your sofa? 

Leather Sofas: Easy to Clean with Water and Other Solutions

The great thing about leather sofas is they are remarkably easy to clean. However, if you use the wrong cleaners on your leather sofa, you’ll destroy the material and cause the leather to dry out and crack. Improper cleaning technique may also void your warranty, so make sure you use the proper cleaners. Any time you clean leather, you’ll need to wipe the full cushion from edge to edge – otherwise, a water stain may develop.

You can remove water spots from leather by simply wiping the leather with a damp cloth. Pet urine can easily be cleaned up using Nature’s Miracle, a specialized cleaner sold in most pet stores. Loose dirt and dried mud can simply be brushed off with a soft-bristled brush, while mud will require a bit more work. For wet brown mud, you’ll want to gently wipe off as much as you can using a damp cloth. Red mud, though, will require a commercial leather cleaning agent. Use a damp towel to clean off the excess mud and then wipe the leather with the cleaner.

Fabric Sofas: Check the Tag for Cleaning Information

Fabric sofas require a bit more work to clean. Before getting started, you’ll want to check your sofa’s tag for cleaning directions. The tag will identify appropriate cleaners with an initial. If you see a “W”, that means it’s okay to clean your sofa with water. An “S” indicates that you should only use a solvent-based cleaner. The initials “SW” mean that you can either clean the sofa with water or a solvent, and an “X” means that you can only use a vacuum and nothing else.

To get started, use a clean, dry hand towel to gently brush the sofa. It’s important that you use a white towel, as the dye from a coloured towel could seep into the couch. Break up any dirt or debris that has dried onto the sofa, and remove any loose pieces of debris. A stiff brush may also work.

Next, apply a generous amount of baking soda to the couch. Let it sit for an hour, and then vacuum it with your vacuum’s brush attachment.

Cleaning a sofa can be an easy task if you have the right cleaners on hand. But if not, you may end up accidentally destroying your furniture. Stock up on cleaners like Nature’s Miracle, baking soda, or leather cleaning agents and you’ll be well prepared to address mud stains when they occur.

You can also take a look at some homemade stain removers on a budget. As with any cleaning product it is important to make sure you test it first on a small area on the back or side of the furniture to ensure it doesn't alter the colour or integrity of the fabric. 

When purchasing a new piece of furniture make sure you opt in for any stain protection your retailer may offer. This can save you time and money in the long run!

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