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Did you know that fabric sofas are the most highly purchased items of furniture after beds? If you reflect on all the homes you’ve visited lately, you will find that an overwhelming majority had a warm and inviting fabric couch.

Whether you want a comfortable fabric sofa for entertaining your guests or for making yourself cosy while watching your favourite program on television, an elegant Pallucci sofa is just what you need for your living room. A well-chosen fabric sofa will not only become the showpiece of your living room. It will also enhance the décor of your living room and make it comfortable too.

Pick the Fabric Sofa that Meets Your Requirements Perfectly

At Pallucci Furniture, we know the importance of an elegant and comfortable fabric sofa. So when you browse through our catalogue, you’ll find that we stock an assortment of fabric sofas in all kinds of styles and sizes. We know that everyone has a unique taste and preference. Therefore, we give you an ample range of choices from which you could pick the sofa that delights you.

Before you make your purchase though, keep the size of your living area in your mind. Consider whether the sofa you’ve selected will fit into the space you’ve allocated for it. Also, consider whether the sofa will complement your home interiors. Check whether the fabric sofa has the right colour so that it blends in with your living room.

Some Tips for Placing Your Fabric Sofa to Create the Right Effect

The placement is everything, when it comes to positioning a fabric sofa in the living room. When placed in the right spot, it will become the most favoured spot in your house. However, if positioned incorrectly, you will keep feeling that something is not right. Therefore, try to position your sofa in a space that is perfect for it.

For example, if you want to create a designated seating area in a large and open room, consider placing the Devon Fabric Sofa at an angle along with a loveseat or a couple of chairs. This sofa also comes with a range of accent cushions that you could purchase with a matching loveseat and a patterned accent chair. To heighten the effect, consider adding a rug and a coffee table as well. 

In addition, select your sofa based on your lifestyle and the manner in which you want to use your space. Therefore, if you just want something for curling up and watching television, opt for a sofa that is both, casual and comfortable. These sofas come in bright colours that make the room seem brighter. They also have tufting on the back cushions for giving the sofa a unique character.

For creating the right effect, simply place this sofa in a semicircle. Add a matching loveseat or a chair around a small table if you want to facilitate the interaction with guests.

So, if you’re looking for an elegant and stylish fabric sofa in Vancouver, visit our showroom or check our catalogue online. Don’t forget that if you purchase a fabric sofa that costs more than $699, we’ll ship it for free.