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7 Easy Workouts You Can Do in Your Living Room

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Don't have time to hit the gym? Can't afford a pricey membership? No problem! 

This time of year, the gyms are packed with workout buffs and wannabes getting in shape for beach season. Who really wants to wait in line for a piece of workout equipment anyways? Your very own living room can present unlimited options in helping you reach your fitness and weight-loss goals for 2016. In addition to being a haven for relaxation and entertaining, there are plenty of ways to work up a sweat next to your sofa. And it doesn't matter if your living room is more on the compact and cozy side – you can always move your furniture aside, temporarily, to make room.

Here are 7 easy workouts you can do in your living room.

1. Bodyweight Coffee Table Dips

Who says you have to invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars on fitness equipment to have a lean, mean set of pipes? Your  coffee table can double as a workout bench for triceps dips. Of course, you'll want to make sure you coffee table is on the strong side and sturdy side before getting down to business. 

2. Cop a Squat

If you want buns and thighs of steel, you'll have to work for them. Fortunately, you can do it in the comfort of your own living room while catching up on all your favourite shows. She Knows illustrates the proper technique – "be sure to stand with your feet hip-distance apart and your arms at your sides. Step backward two-to-three feet with your right leg, placing the ball of your right foot on the floor."

3. It's Crunch Time

With bathing suit season coming soon, now is the time to start chiselling away at those abdominal muscles to get them toned, taut and ready to show off. Before you call it a day and climb onto the couch, drop to your hands and knees to give this easy workout by Real Simple a whirl. Other than inches and maybe, your 'couch potato' title, what else have you got to lose?

4. Get Equipped 

Nowadays, cardio equipment is more affordable and compact in size. If you don't have the space or would prefer not to have a heavy piece of equipment stationed smack-dab in the middle of your living room, a foldable treadmill is a great option. 

5. Just Jump 

Think skipping is just for kids? Think again! Aside from being a great way to elevate your heart rate and burn calories, it's one of the most affordable and convenient workouts out there. And if that doesn't sell you on it, did you know that just 15-20 minutes of jumping can burn off an  entire candy bar

6. Have a Ball -

Do you own a fitness ball? If so, dust it off and bring it to your living room for a workout.  There are no shortage of core-strength exercises one can do with a fitness ball. Just remember to talk to a physician before taking part in any of the exercises to avoid injury.

7. Say Om! -

There's no need to head to a yoga studio, when you can have your own Zen-like refuge without leaving home. There are two easy ways to turn your own living room into a tranquil, inviting space to do your 'downward dog.' First, incorporate soothing sounds (think plug-in waterfalls, soft music) and second,  tranquility smells (think scented candles like lavender or anything that inspires and relaxes you.

And there you have it – 7 ways to keep fit without ever having to leave your living room. Now get off that comfy sofa and get to work. If you'd like to leave your television on, by all means –it's your home-sweet-home after all.

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