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How to Furnish Your Studio Apartment

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Studio Apartments

If you live in a studio apartment, chances are you’re a little cramped for space. Life in a studio apartment means making sacrifices with household items that take up too much space. It’s no secret that Vancouver apartment housing is fairly… tight. Making the most out of your apartment space is one thing, but dealing with a studio apartment is a completely different game. 

Buying furniture that fits your living room/bedroom/kitchen/closet/hallway/bathroom can be challenging. If you’re not careful, you might find your guests are so squished that they'll stop coming back to visit you! If you live in a studio you may need to adopt the minimalist lifestyle to keep comfort and design. Yes, furnishing your studio can be difficult. But before you start looking elsewhere to live, consider these tips on making the most out of your little space.

Furniture Storage

The easiest way to make more out of your space is to opt for 2-in-1 furniture options. Look for furniture that serves more than one purpose. One of the best options for your studio is a high quality storage sectional sofa. Many sectional sofas offer unique and hidden storage capabilities that are perfect for a tiny space. The Aspen fabric reversible double sofa with storage pops up in seconds and allows you to store extra blankets, pillows, or whatever you would like!

Apart from a sectional, a pull out couch is another option for 2-in-1 furniture. Ideal for people who have friends and family stay over, a pull out mattress will turn your studio into a good ol' fashion slumber party. As space is limited, think about a smaller sized sofa/bed combo. Look for a twin sized pull out couch that's perfect for studios and won’t require you to move too many items when setting up.


Last but not least, is the bed. Arguably the most important furniture aspect of a studio apartment, the bed will tell your guests the most about you. Try a bed frame that doesn't stick out from the wall too much. Ideally, the headrest should lay flat on the wall, putting your mattress as close to the wall as possible. In terms of accessories, an elegant side table might not be the best option. If that's an area where you want to cut back, try mounting a piece on the wall to keep items by your side as you sleep. 

Without a doubt, a studio bed needs to include storage capabilities. If you find a good bed, you’ll be able to storage all your clothes without anyone noticing they’re there! Studio living means using 2-in-1 furniture!


First thing’s first, remember to keep accessories to a minimum. Accessories are excellent options but must be kept to a few special items (think, minimalist). Attract attention to the highlights of your studio by focusing on the big picture and keep it de-cluttered.Look for unique shapes that slide away easier or can be easily converted if necessary. Or, try adding two small side tables if that’s what fits your space best. 

Pillows are perfect accessories for minimal space. You’re going to sit on the pillows anyway so do they really take up extra space! Consider the colours of your space and any artwork you have on the walls and look for a pillow or two to compliment your existing decor.

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