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Finding the tasteful picture, the subdued and refined photo or rendering that tops off your home décor can be a struggle. At Pallucci Furniture, we can’t pretend that we’ll always have what you’re looking for. But we can state with confidence that we’ll have more of what you need than any of our local competitors. We have wall art frames starting as low as $99.00. If you want medium-sized pictures for your home, you can have them for a mere $199.00. Large paintings are priced as low as $399.00. You can even find Aeryn and Brogan premium paintings for under $199.00. All of our wall art items include taxes, so there are no unexpected – and unwelcome – surprises when you go to make your final purchase.

That sort of transparency is why a growing number of people across British Columbia are coming to Pallucci Furniture for their wall art and for other accessories to brighten up their home.

The great thing about our framed pictures is that they have been pre-selected to go along with our large furniture items and to comfortably meld with almost any ensemble. Instead of paying a large sum of money for wall art that may not fit with your needs, you can come to Pallucci Furniture and access refined and exquisite wall art at a price geared towards your comfort. Our other accessories – our lamps, rugs and cushions – can further add accent and style to your intimate décor.

Pallucci Furniture believes that you should be able to find everything you need at one spot. Hunting around for complementary wall art is time that could be better devoted to your business, to your family, or to your career. Our wall art, coming in frames large and small, featuring expertly crafted pictures, is conveniently sequestered in our inventory so that you can find the art you need to add the right aesthetics to the interior of your home. Coupled with our premium cushions, rugs and lamps, our wall art can give otherwise staid walls an energetic and vibrant feel.

With so much located in one place, visit us and see how art can rejuvenate those sullen spaces that nothing else can.