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When you live in a condo, how you design and set your furniture up is very different than you would when you are living in a house. You can’t necessarily have the same kind of furniture, or even set it up in the same fashion because of the layout design of your condo can be vastly different than that of a house. Finding furniture that will fit into your home without making it feel overrun with too much furniture in too small of a space, can feel like a challenge. Lucky for you Pallucci Furniture has all the furniture you need to set up your condo having your feeling like an interior decorator by the time all is said and done

When you are working with smaller spaces in a condo you want to utilize furniture that is multi-functional. Sectionals that fold out into a bed and have storage in the chaise, to lift-top coffee table that have storage underneath are perfect for smaller areas. Though most condos nowadays have an eating area at the kitchen island, if you have a small corner in between your living room and dining room, small tables with ends that fold down, with a couple chairs are also perfect if you need extra seating

When it comes to the bedrooms in a condo, even the master bedrooms have a tendency to be on the small side. Beds that have storage underneath, or drawers around the base, allow for you to only need one bed side table so everything will fit perfectly into your space without feeling cluttered. Pallucci Furniture has everything you need to help you to have the least amount of furniture, at the same time as allowing you to have the furniture you want to create the look and functionality you desire. Whether you are looking for bright, dark or neutral colors, a soft cushy plush look and feel, or something more contemporary, and executive we have a wide range of furniture that is perfect for all styles of condos

We can help you create the ultimate condo experience that gives your place that welcome home feeling right down the bar stools for your breakfast island. Our goal is for you to absolutely love the look and feel of every piece of furniture you own in your condo that will have you brimming at the seams to invite guests over after those roof top patio parties for midnight appies, and a few more drinks