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10 Awesome DIY Ideas to Get Creative Around the Home

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There’s no better feeling than creating a masterpiece out of old materials laying around the house. The simplest DIY (do it yourself) addition will transform your room; you just need to get a little creative first!

Here are 10 awesome do it yourself ideas for shaking things up in the home that will surely blow your guests away!

Shelf on rope

Display books, antiques, whatever. With some extra rope and a few boards, you have yourself a rustic shelf that can be set up and relocated in minutes!

Apartment Plants

Mason jar: Check. Wood board: Check. Flowers and water: Check. It’s really that easy to add a mini garden to your home. Perfect for small apartments or studios, the mini gardens will add much needed colour to your home without hurting the bank.

Drawer shelf

 Perhaps you know somebody who’s downsizing? It’s very common to find old dressers laying around for free, or at the least affordable from a second hand store. It doesn’t matter what condition the dresser is in, just take out the drawers and make yourself a unique drawer/shelf wall set up!

Affordable Theatre room

We’ve talked about building home theatres in the past, but this DIY idea takes affordability and home renovations to another level. Simply by painting old pallets or boards of wood, you create the layered seating necessary for a home viewing experience. Watch movies all night long in your simple but amazing home theatre.

Wooden lighting

Any chance you still have a few mason jars laying around? Try flipping the jars upside down and turning them into lightbulbs to provide a great ambiance any visitor will notice. This DIY will require a little more work, but will be worth it!

Rum Lamp for the man cave

Kraken, Captain Morgans, and Bacardi. What do all three have in common? They all make for great DIY home side lamps! And drinking… of course. When you’ve finished off your favourite bottle of rum, give it a clean and add some light to it with a new lamp. A Kraken side lamp would be a great addition to a man cave!

Driftwood Shelf

Next time you’re at the beach, keep an eye out for some potential project pieces for DIY ideas. With a well shaped piece of driftwood and a little fine carpentry skills, you can make a breathtaking shelf for your home. Adding glass may be difficult, so hire a professional if needed!

Branch photo album

Perfect for a beach house, summer home, basement, or even your bedroom, this wood photo album is easy and decorative. Perfect to display your old polaroid photographs, the photo album is easily put together with string and a smooth piece of wood!

Giant Photo album

Maybe a frame from an old painting or a few pieces of wood glued together, the big photo frame makes for a perfect DIY photo album. This giant photo album is another option for those who take a lot of polaroid photos!

Hidden bookshelf

This hidden bookshelf is just too good to be true. You don’t need to be a super handyman for this DIY project, with a few screws you have yourself an eye-catching bookshelf. This bookshelf is ideal if you are trying to spice up the home office or add extra decor to the living room.

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