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2019 Home Decor Trends to Watch

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Hurray! The holidays are over and now you can just relax! What better way to relax than making some plans for sprucing up your home over the coming months? Which each new season come design trends. Instead of sticking to these trends too closely, the folks at Pallucci Furniture suggest using them as inspiration. Adapt them to your home in ways that don’t break the bank, and don’t require you to call in a contractor. (That said, if you have the means and the ambition why the heck not?)

Let’s start with something that everyone can do: wallpaper! Wallpaper isn’t the dowdy, dark floral stuff that your grandparents had in their hallway, today wallpaper is bold, playful, and even temporary! We’re sure you have heard the old adage that if you want to test out your relationship, just try wallpapering a room together. Well, with today’s new easy to use wallpaper your relationship can stay intact. This is also a great option for those who are renting. Here’s some inspiration!

Next up, don’t be afraid to mix your metals. How long have you believed that you had to commit to just one kind of metal in each room - or even your entire home! Not in 2019! Embrace brass and copper in the same room. Shimmy up silver and gold tones beside each other. Might we suggest the Syler Lamp to help you get the process started. Or if you’re looking to make an even more bold move, what about the Osasco Floor Lamp.

Another trend that we are excited to embrace in 2019 is colour! Sure it’s a simple concept, but this year is ready to really give it a whirl. Imagine pink sectionals, orange dining room chairs, and bright blue ottomans. Maybe just not all at once… If you’re just starting out with introducing colour to your home decor, a good rule of thumb is the 90/10 rule. Keep 90% of the decor a similar tone and use a bright colour to balance out the remaining 10%. From there, you can gauge your love of added colour and keep adding pieces as you like!

Some of our favourite colourful pieces include the Madison Fabric Sectional, and the Marney Swivel Dining Chair.

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