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8 Luxurious Coffee Tables for Your Living Space

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If decorating your living room was a play, your sofa would be considered the star. All of the time and attention gets spent on the selecting the right place to park one's derriere, leaving the supporting characters yearning for their time to shine.

But why should the sofa get all of the attention? Why not splurge on one of the co-stars? It’s time to shine the spotlight on your sofa’s trusty understudy – the coffee table.

Our list of some of the most unique and luxurious coffee tables out there will inspire you to shift your focus.

A 'Hot' Concept

For those who love the feel of an open flame, but detest the idea of camping, we present to you the Feur Coffee table. For obvious reasons, this particular item is not recommended for homes with small children – the website even delivers a warning that the table surface does get hot. But don’t bust out the marshmallows just yet. This fiery specimen, sold by will set you back about $3,500.

Fish Aquaruim Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a way to house your fish without cluttering up your living room with an unsightly standard aquarium, look no further. The Midwest Tropical Aquarium Coffee table is available through and is just one of the many aquarium/fish tank options out there – yes, there’s actually a market for this. If a $600 price tag seems fishy to you, you can always make your own. Check out this tutorial on Whatever you do, please don’t forget to feed the fish. Floating, lifeless fish carcasses are not a chic look.

Floating Magnetic Table

We present to you the Float Table by Rock Paper Robot in New York. As you can see, those blocks are not connected together – they're actually floating. How is this possible? It’s the science of magnets, apparently. Just make sure you don’t place your phone or laptop down on this thing – it will more than likely make all electronic devices explode on contact (or just fry them). Science is neat.

Arcade Coffee Table

This is that one perfect gift for the person who screams, “I really enjoyed the 80’s and I’m going to stay there for the rest of my life.” The Arcade coffee table from Surface tension, comes fully equipped with a plethora of classic 1980’s arcade games – all built into an attractive walnut coffee table.

Lift Up Coffee Table

Finally, you can take control of your life. You can now stand up to your coffee table and show that cheeky little table who's boss. Today is the day you say, “No. I will not bend down to you. You will rise up to me!” All hail the glory of the lift up coffee table. This beautiful specimen is made from reclaimed wood and is currently being sold on Etsy. That, my friends, is empowerment.

Wine Table

The Don Vino wine table from Chicone Custom Furniture is perfect for the wine lover who likes to display their wares. It says “Look at me and my fancy wines! Look at how fancy I am!” Whomever said you can’t buy class was lying – this table costs $3,500.

Ivory Trunk Coffee Table

Perfect for the home of someone who enjoys travel, this steamer trunk-inspired table was originally designed as a piece of furniture for a child’s room . However, we feel as if it would look equally as stylish in the living room. The ivory stateroom coffee table from Posh tots also provides tons of storage space, allowing you to keep all of your clutter out of plain view.

Is Your Table Broken?

The best part of this coffee table is that it looks like the world’s worst repair. Someone sat on your coffee table and broke it? No problem – just throw a piece of glass on it. No one will know the difference. The Splice coffee table is available at

Why not take a chance on an unknown kid? Along with your sofa, don't be afraid to make your coffee table the focus of your living room!

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