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Affordable Decor Ideas for Christmas

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Christmas is coming! We’re just weeks away from spending the most wonderful time of the year with our loved ones, and your friends at Pallucci want to help make this Christmas the best one yet. We’ve already covered a few tips on setting up your living room for the holidays; now we thought we would share some decor tips for other areas of the home that you should find useful! Also, we know you’ve already spoiled your friends and family with gifts, so we made this list with the budget shopper in mind. So get ready to head to Walmart (or the dollar store) to transform your home this holiday season.



A well decorated staircase will highlight your home’s features for the holiday season. Whether your guests use the stairs or not, your efforts won’t be missed. Say goodbye to standard wood railings and say hello to long garlands. Laying a long garland along the staircase railing will add an immediate festive vibe to your staircase. If you’re looking for a little “white Christmas,” you could opt for a snow-themed garland. Walmart has great (and affordable) options here. Pallucci recommends one of Walmart’s shiny garland, it has a mix of snow-like covered tinsel and holographic silver snowflakes.


After Saint Nicholas’ garland supports your railing, look for extra stockings to add a little extra flare. Stockings are a great chance to mix in the casual red theme, which will go well with a garland of any colour. Starting at the bottom, lay 3-5 stocking up your railing and make your way up to the top of the stairs. Easy.


Make the ordinary, unordinary

Christmas is your opportunity to transform regular bathroom items you see everyday. Take toilet paper, for example. If you store toilet paper in sight (i.e., not in the cabinet or closet) wrap a gold bow around the roll and add a little greenery inside to make it vibrant. Or, if you're feeling creative, convert your toilet paper into a snowman and really capture the attention of your guests! The bathroom is a perfect way to go above and beyond with your home decor.


Towels, towels, and towels. Towels are the easy one. Don’t feel the need to go out and purchase big red towels — although if you want to, we won’t stop you — a small red hand towel will do the trick. If you have white towels to hang first, layer the smaller red ones on top to make them stand out. As we’re in December, you should be able to find an abundance of snow, tree, and other holiday themed hand towels at a local retailer.

Counter Space

Revolutionize your counter space with a little knick-knack addition that’s affordable and easy to try. Decorating your bathroom can be as simple as leaving a few candy canes by the sink, don’t overthink it! If you have the counter space, add a mini Christmas tree, a few tree ornaments, or leave snowflakes around the edges; maybe even add a snowflake or two to the mirror, every little bit adds to the holiday spirit!

Dining Table

Ah, the final piece of the puzzle. And to many, an essential part of the Christmas experience. Why? Because of food, that's why! Some people will remember their first impressions as they walk through your front door on Christmas day, some will even remember their bathroom experience, but the holiday feast is always the foundation for a successful Christmas.


The centerpiece holds the dining room table together, but if you're like us, you'll have so much food that there isn't room for a centrepiece. However, mini trees or candles often give that holiday twist your table needs.

Concerning plating, using festive chargers is always a good idea. Red, gold, green, blue, or white, there are countless colour combinations to make your dining room catch the eye. Even simpler, lay an elegant red cloth down the centre (longways) of the table to divide the space.


Don't think for a second that your chair can't be "Christmasized." Make your way to Walmart of the dollar store and add a cute red bow to the back of the chairs. Guests will be excastic as they approach their eating throne and see your well-placed decor. If you want to take your chairs to the next level, add some red or green pillows for guests to sit on or put between their back and the chair, they'll love it!

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