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Designing a Guest Bedroom

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Hosting guests, whether friends or family, is something that requires care and consideration. It's essential to try to go the extra mile when possible to make your guests feel at home. The guests who are treated with care and hospitality always leave with a favourable impression of their hosts. Most likely, they'll be back soon for another visit. The guest bedroom needs to be furnished well so that it is appealing to their sight and comfortable for their use. Here are some ideas for designing the best guest bedroom that will make any stranger feel at home.


First and foremost, it's the furniture that requires the most attention and must be such that it's both attractive and is also full of use. In the guest bedroom, the bed should be of adequate size to accommodate lodgers easily. We suggest aiming for a queen size or larger. The bed frame must be built with a strong foundation so that it doesn’t squeak when laid upon, especially at night when guests are tossing in their sleep. However, the mattress is what your guests will notice most. Look for a comfortable modern mattress that your guests will enjoy. Please, no 1980s box springs!

Also, a polished dresser fits in perfectly and allows the visitors to groom themselves with relative ease. The dresser would come in handy when you have guests staying for an extended period. Further, if you have space, why not look for a sofa to change up the guest room. Look for a small and contemporary couch so that visitors can sit around when they are not sleeping and have chit chat or use their laptop sitting on the sofa.


Next comes the decor of the guest bedroom. The decor creates a big impression on the minds of the guests and would probably stay in their minds long after they have left. The decoration should necessarily be such that it gives a soft touch to the bedroom. The curtains and wall color should be of a light colour. An overtly shiny colour may feel repulsive and must be avoided. Cream, off-white, sky-blue and other similar colours would be ideal selections for the guest bedroom’s curtains and wall colour. To complete the decor, decorative paintings of a serene natural scenery would make for an excellent choice. With this in mind, it's important to consider the overall decor of the entire home before designing the guest room. Try to make the guest room match or complement your existing theme and tones.

Special Touches

Lastly, some special touches to the bedroom may delight the guests. For instance, you could artistically paste the Wifi password somewhere in the bedroom so guests can log in quickly. Perhaps a welcome kit with toiletry essentials and a little extra to make your guests feel at home.

Keep things simple and fresh. Add a few flowers by the bedside table to add a fresh scent of beauty to the bedroom.

If you have book collection in your home, consider placing a few of your favourite in the room to inspire guests or to initiate conversations.

Add a mirror. Guests don’t like to walk around in somebody else’s home unless they feel completely comfortable. If that means taking a look in the mirror for extra confidence, so be it! Making your guest feel at home is the top priority.

If you are struggling to think of ideas, it's important to remember that a little goes a long way! Don't overthink it and think of something that you know your guest would love!

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