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Employee Spotlight - Clive Braude

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Say hello to Clive Braude.

Pallucci Furniture has always made it our business to provide the very best in customer care and offer quality products, from the time you visit our website, to the first time you sit on your new sofa at home. We’ve strived to offer professional and courteous service to our valued customers via knowledgeable staff and no-nonsense approach to helping you find what fits your lifestyle.

We’re people just like you. We know that dealing with old school salespeople comes with its own stigma that can contribute to - dare we say - feelings of implied dishonesty. This is why our four pillar model of customer service is geared around communication, trust, honesty and collaboration.

Through our continued efforts to build meaningful relationships and earn the trust of our clientele, we’re ramping up our level of organizational transparency. We asked ourselves ‘how can we make buying furniture and dealing with salespeople a more comfortable experience?’

The answer is simple - if you’re going to trust someone’s opinion, you need to know who they are! Today we begin rolling out individual interviews conducted with our staff to give you a sense of the people you’re going to meet when you enter our showroom. This is who we are, and we can’t wait to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Meet Clive Braude. He’s the owner of Pallucci Furniture and proud to call Canada home after immigrating to Vancouver from South Africa. He’s been in the furniture business for 22 years and would describe himself in three words as: honest, loyal and direct. Straight up, the one thing that gets Clive out of bed in the morning is his family, and his favourite pastimes have always included spending time with them - as well as hiking. When he’s in front of the screen, his favourite TV show is the West Wing and his favourite flick is E.T.

If given the choice of heading to an all-inclusive Caribbean resort or a lakeside Canadian cottage rental, Clive would head south for the total relaxation factor. “There’s no decision-making required and I’d get time to spend uninterrupted with my family and loved ones,” he says.

The man’s favourite quote to live by is a simple “onward and upward,” fitting for a guy who prepares for his day by hitting the gym at 6am before reading the news and heading to work. On an average day away of work, Clive unplugs from his phone and email account to spend time outdoors with his fam.

“I may be biased,” he jokes - but Clive thinks that Pallucci makes for a great employer because of the company’s dedication to rewarding its employees with an honest day’s pay, reasonable hours and a close-knit community of staff that treat each other like old friends. Fairness is Clive’s greatest strength on and off the job.

Clive likes to call things as he sees them, and he appreciates the same type of honesty from his customers. Instead of saying “I need to go home and measure my space,” he’d rather people say “I’ll think about it.” When people shoot straight from the hip, Clive is more confident in his ability to help them find the perfect solution. His advice for customers coming into the Pallucci showrooms? “Know your space, size and access. Allow the sales people to ask questions so that we can better understand what you want and what you need. Buy what you like and can afford.”

His favourite piece of furniture is the Dawn Sectional sofa - namely because he owns one. “I like to sleep on my furniture,” he laughs. “It’s a very bad habit!”


Pallucci Furniture is here for one purpose - to help customers find the perfect furniture to suit their budget and lifestyle. When customers are able to build a relationship with our staff, we can help to make it happen in even better Pallucci fashion. Now that you know Clive, let him get to know you! Visit our website or one of our locations in Metro Vancouver. 

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