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Four Factors to Consider When You Buy a Sofa Bed

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Suffering From Back Troubles?

Back pain is a common problem for Canadians of various ages, whether it was caused by an injury, a developmental problem or poor posture. Sleeping on a quality mattress is an important part of treating a back injury, and sadly, many sofa beds simply can’t offer the support that a lot of people with back injuries need. Buying a sofa bed when you have a bad back is possible, but it’s important to take several factors into account before making a purchase. Here are four things you should consider before buying your sofa bed.

A Supportive Memory Foam Sofa Topper Can Cushion Your Back

Most sofa beds don’t feature the thick, dense material that people with back injuries need. Sleeping on a thin sofa bed means that your spine will feel all of the metal coils in the bed, which can result in pain, tightness and even injury. The more space you can put between you and these metal coils, the better your back will feel.  Invest in a memory foam sofa topper to add an extra layer of cushioning.

Considering a Cheap Sofa Bed? You Get What You Pay For

Budget sofa beds tend to have an open coil design. This is the traditional coil-style mattress that most people are familiar with. Open coil mattresses usually offer uneven support. Picture dozens of large metal discs randomly pressing on and lifting away from your spine. Whenever you sleep on an open coil mattress, that’s essentially what is happening. Sleeping on an open coil mattress essentially forces your spine to enter into a boxing match against your mattress. Say no to the ten rounds and opt for a pocket spring mattress – it offers many more springs that all work independently, which makes for better back support.

Always Try Before You Buy

If you have a bad back and you plan on regularly using a sofa bed, it’s critical that you get a sofa bed that makes you feel comfortable. Taking a sofa bed home from the store only to find that it hurts your back is a miserable situation. You’ll be tempted to endure the pain instead of returning the sofa bed – which means your back will only get worse. When  shopping for a sofa bed, ask a sales associate if you can try laying on one before deciding whether you want to buy it – you’ll be able to get a much better idea of the kind of support it offers and whether or not it’ll be good for your back.

Don’t Just Check the Sofa Bed, Check the Frame

The metal frame inside a sofa bed is a key supportive structure that many people often overlook, instead giving the mattress a thorough inspection. Although the mattress is definitely a major factor in the bed’s quality, the frame is also important to consider. The sofa bed frame serves as the base on which the mattress rests. A weak base will bend and warp, which will impact the quality of your sleep. The right frame will keep your mattress perfectly in place, so you can rest easy knowing the frame won’t shift your spine.

A sofa bed is a simple and convenient way to add functionality to your living space. With a bad back, though, sleeping on a sofa bed can often be a painful ordeal. Keep these four factors in mind when shopping for your next sofa bed, and discover why the right sofa bed won’t leave your spine bent out of shape.

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