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How to Lay Out Your Furniture to Maximize Your Space

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Ever think your rooms are too cluttered, even when there isn’t a lot of furniture in your room? No matter how little or how much furniture you have sometimes it is all about how your furniture is laid out. Finding the perfect balance of what you need where you need it to maximize space can be a challenge. It is either you have too little space too work with or too much space. Finding just the right amount of what you need where you need it is actually easier than you might think.

What you always want to do is start with your main focal point. Where do you spend your time? Whether you are on the couch, at the dining room table, or sitting at your office desk, you want to start with the view point of where you will be seeing things from where you sit. Close your eyes and envision where things would need to be in order to create the most accessibility from where you would be sitting. Then grab a pen and a paper, draw your room and lay out your furniture accordingly. Then stand at the doorway of your room, look at where your furniture currently is and where you have it then placed on your paper, look at you points of entry, your walk ways, and where you need to have the most open space, then you can make changes accordingly with your current furniture. Moving everything to where you feel it needs to go to create the space you need without losing the flow of the room.

Once you have that step completed, you can see what furniture you might be missing to complete your room. If there is anything you need to remove that is no longer needed remove it from your paper. If there is a piece of furniture you want to add or change. Maybe you want to remove your couch and exchange it for a sectional, then you can add that piece to your paper. Perhaps you want to add in a console table with drawers to put all your extra items to clean up some of the clutter. Maybe you have uncovered extra space through the steps above and found space for an office desk in the corner of a room that you want to take advantage of. Once you have those steps complete, you can give a final added touch by adding in some décor like lighting, pictures or a throw rug, writing down all the pieces you want to add as you go.

Now you have a new much more spacious layout for each of the rooms in your house. If you go through each step and make changes as needed you will find you will easily open up the space in your house to create the desired outcome. Your final step is going shopping to find your new furniture and décor. At Pallucci Furniture you will find styles to suit all tastes, and budgets. We are here to give you the home you have always wanted. Come see us and let us help you create your new space. 

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