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How to Pick the Right Sectional

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There are several different styles of sofas that you can choose to purchase for your family room, living room, game room or media room. One popular option is a sectional sofa. These sofas are unique because they can be arranged in various different configurations based on the dimensions of your room and the need for seating in the space. Before you make a decision to purchase a sectional for your home, however, you should consider these tips to ensure you find a sofa that works for your home.

Plan and Measure Your Space

A sectional sofa is a preferred style for many individuals because of its distinctive look, and you can find them in both leather and fabric options. Some may have a lounge chair feature on one or both ends, and some may have an ottoman or reclining features. Measure the dimensions of your room, and outline the dimensions of the sectional that you are interested in purchasing by using string on the floor. Make sure that you will have enough space left in the room for side tables, a coffee table and general foot traffic.

Think About Seating Needs

Many sectionals can comfortably seat at least six adults, and some can seat eight or more. However, you can also create seating space using a traditional sofa, a love seat and an armchair. You can add even more seating to any room by using side chairs and other small chairs. Ideally, your furnishings will comfortably accommodate all who live in the home as well as a few guests. If you regularly host larger groups, you will want to ensure that your seating configuration provides an ample amount of seating space while still allowing room for people to move.

Consider Your Future Plans

Sectionals are unique because of their formation. Most are designed to be placed in a larger room, and many people choose to place them flush against a wall in a corner. Some rooms are not designed to accommodate a sectional, and a traditional sofa and loveseat combination may be a better choice. If you plan to stay in your home indefinitely or for a lengthy period of time, feel free to purchase a sectional with confidence. However, you should be aware that a sectional may not be ideal for all floor plans, and this may affect your housing selection if you move in the near future.

Weigh Other Options

While a sectional is a great option that many people are attracted to, it is not the only option available. There are also curved or rounded sofas, reclining sofas and traditional sofas. These may be used in conjunction with armchairs, recliners and loveseats. Buying furniture is a major decision, and it is important to consider all possible options before you make your final decision. Browse through a variety of styles online before settling on a sofa.

Sectionals are highly popular, but they are also unique in their dimensions and configurations. If you’re considering buying a sectional sofa, it’s important to take into account various factors like your living space and your seating needs. Keep these tips in mind when you shop for your next piece of furniture and you’ll be sure to find a great sofa that works for you.

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