How Your Furniture Can Set Your Mood & How You Feel Throughout Your Day

How Your Furniture Can Set Your Mood & How You Feel Throughout Your Day

Published by Clive Braude on 2nd May 2022

Maybe you have heard how colors can change our mood. Well did you know your furniture can impact your mood as well? The way your furniture looks, feels, and the color can change something in your brain that allows your mood to feel either settled and calm, or anxious and uneasy. It all comes from how certain colors and esthetics resonate within you. Here are a couple places you can start, to decide if the furniture you currently have is making you feel good, or not so good.

What are the rooms you spend the most time in? Maybe you spend more time in the living room than anywhere else in the house, or maybe you spend more time in your office, or your bedroom. These are the first places you want to start to look at. Say you spend most of the time in the living room. Look at the way your furniture looks, where you sit, what you do in the living room, and see what things you would like to change. Maybe you want to see softer colors and create a more cozy environment that allow you to feel that even on a Sunday afternoon you could nestle up with a cup of your favorite tea and a book and just relax. You want to have a feeling that will allow you to feel at ease, when you walk into your living room, allowing you to relax and just sink in.

What about your office? Your office is a place that should create inspiration. So, you want to make sure you have everything at your fingertips that make you feel inspired. If you have a lot of books you want to make sure you have a bookshelf that gives you enough space for your books. Also, for your desk you want enough room to easily move around and give you the space to work, without feeling like you are sitting in chaos. So having appropriate shelving, and space to work is always something that is necessary, so you leave your home office feeling accomplished and that you were able to do all you set out to that day. You never want your office space to create a feeling in you that is draining, heavy or even exhausting.

Choosing a soft or metallic gray finish for your desk and other décor can really brighten up a room, and your mood. You can use your décor artistic side to add whatever colors you want that you know will create inspiration and have you feeling amazing throughout your workday.

You can do that through every area of your house. Think of what kind of furniture gives you a feel-good feeling, what colors, what kind of feeling do you want from each area of your house? That is how you can begin the process of finding furniture that will uplift your mood, and bring you more joy, relaxation, and inspiration when you are in your home. We invite you to come on down to Pallucci Furniture and check out our wide array of furniture, so that you can start to create the moods in your home that will help to give you a little spring in your step (no pun intended)