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Geometric Accessories For Your Home

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Who says math isn’t stylish!? Finding fun and inventive ways to update your home is just one of our passions at Pallucci Furniture. We source out the best home accessories so that all you have to do is come visit our showroom and get inspired!

Colour blocking, geometric shapes, and angular patterns are in. These trends pair well with many styles from mid century, to contemporary, to minimalist.

Let’s start with a bright idea: lamps! Updating the lighting in your home immediately transforms a space. Whether you had no lighting or different lighting, a new table lamp or floor lamp can turn up the style instantly! Here are our top picks. The Rosetta Lamp ( takes traditional motives from geometric tile and updates the traditional pedestal lamp with a low profile, artistic design. This lamp would pair well with the Vassal throw cushion featuring a similar geometric pattern. ( If floor lamps are on your wish list, you might consider the Susette floor lamp in brushed silver. ( ) The elongated, angular lines of this lamp would pair perfectly with a minimalist aesthetic.

Next up, accent pillows. Throw pillows are the perfect way to update any room of your house without the hassle of having to hire movers. Well maintained, throw pillows will stand the test of time and add softness and comfort to your home. At Pallucci Furniture, we love these angular, geometric throw pillows that add colour and structure to your home. The use of colour blocking allows you to tie in different elements from around the room in a subtle way. For a more muted palette we suggest the Daray cushion that uses traditional colours in a fresh, new way. ( Meanwhile, the Glendive cushion is the answer to mid century, modern, and contemporary decorating styles. (

And while it may not be geometric, we absolutely cannot say enough about the Alize Shag Rug in blush. If this rug doesn’t have you running into the Pallucci Furniture showroom to see it in action, we just don’t understand each other. (

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