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Tips on Furnishing a Small Apartment in Vancouver

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Are you planning to live in a small apartment in Vancouver? Or do you wish to redo your space and make it look even more appealing? Well, whatever the exact reason may be, furnishing a small apartment in Vancouver is a challenge since space is a luxury that is not at hand. What is needed is a thoughtful and skillful approach to making the most out of what room there is. This is so that it fulfills the need, yet looks attractive. Here are a few tips that can come in handy whenever you decide to execute your long-awaited plan.

Wall Mounted Stands

It’s a very intelligent idea to make use of a wall mounted wooden stand which works as a table. Use whatever you would like on it, from a mini-workstation to a dinner table. When you are not using it, you can simply remove the support from beneath and the stand would fall and align itself with the wall, and not take space at all! It would become a temporary workstation for you which can be adjusted as per need, perfect for a small apartment in Vancouver.

Sofa Bed

Another idea for furnishing a small apartment would be for you to use a sleek looking sofa bed which can function as both a sofa and a sleeping bed. This way, you can utilize your bed as a sofa as well, in addition to other seating furniture that you may have in the apartment. It would certainly be a good fit for your furniture just in case you have more than the average number of guests visiting you on a Sunday night.

Sliding Walls/Doors

Another item that you could look to install in your small apartment would be to make use of wooden sliding walls and doors! You can easily install sliding walls in your home to make separations between one part of your apartment and another. This would help you to maintain privacy so you can do your work and keep the noise out from certain area. You could even use it to keep your toddlers out of harm and restricted to inside of it when you may be out shopping for grocery. A sliding wall would help you make dual use of space when needed.

Raised Bed

Another idea for extra space in your apartment is the use of a raised bed frame. Unless you're afraid of heights, you can lift the bed up, add a ladder, and create your new nest. Tuck your storage underneath, have a couch, or even a dresser. If you work from home, a raised bed would help you make more space by adding an office desk underneath. 

Hidden Pantry “Behind” the Fridge

The last thing you could do for extra space would be to use a pantry that’s behind the fridge. Don’t have one? Purchase a small wooden box and add items for extra storage! The pantry behind the fridge allows you to place food items that aren’t used as often. 

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