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Treating Your Wooden Table: Polish or Wax?

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Ah, the perennial polish versus wax debate. To those who have an opinion, you can be assured it is strong. To those who don’t, keep reading and develop your own!

You have gone through the trouble and expense of purchasing a wooden table. Maybe it’s a dining room table, or perhaps nightstands, a hall table, or a solid coffee table? Either way, treating it is the only way to ensure it stands the test of time.

Take, for example, one of our most popular dining room table sets. The Raven Dining Set, which comes in either four or six pieces. This live edge, solid wood, oak dining room table and chair set has a rustic, modern style with the real live edge. However, that should be where the “rustic” style ends. Stains from food, rings from hot mugs, and the gradual wear and tear from time should not change the look of your table.

Let’s start with polish. Many prefer polish for wooden furniture, as it will completely evaporate over a fairly short duration of time. That said, this does make it less protective than a wax product. Polishes come in two main types: petroleum based solvents, or oil based solvents. A petroleum based solvent will evaporate much more slowly, making it the closest to wax in terms of its longevity. Meanwhile, an oil based solvent will evaporate more quickly. However, the water and oil in this type of polish do double duty when it comes to actually cleaning your furniture.

Delfini 3pc Drop Leaf Dining Set Espresso

Next up: wax. This is probably the most traditional way to keep wooden furniture restored. Because wax is actually solid at room temperature, you will need to mix in a solvent to liquify the wax. That said, once the solvent evaporates you are left with a fine, protective layer of wax. One benefit of this protective layer, is that it both masks as well as prevents small scratches and imperfections. The wax actually acts as a barrier in a way that a polish does not.

Whether your are using a wax or a polish, always make sure to read the directions carefully. If you have any questions about how to clean and protect your wood furniture, just ask any of the experts at Pallucci Furniture!

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