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Pros & Cons: Floor Types for Apartments

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Apartment flooring, like any floor, can be difficult to maintain. As you cook, clean, and walk, you are slowly wearing away the flooring in your home. Having durable and well-chosen flooring will assist you in cleaning and ensuring a long lifespan of your floor. Sometimes pets, or tenants will destroy your floor, so make sure to consider who is going to be using the apartment.

There is no perfect flooring. Instead, check the issues in your apartment, think about the benefits, costs, and disadvantages of any flooring you want to get.

Below are examples of the common floorings for apartments with their pros and cons.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is good, stylish and protected. Since wood is neutral, furniture can be easily matched with it. You can best put hardwoods in a living room, basement, or bedroom. Hardwood looks lovely with sofas and coffee tables, along with a bed frame in a master bedroom.


Hardwood flooring appears very nice and has an improved resale value. Hardwoods are very much easy to sustain and clean, and only needs vacuuming. Hardwood floors can last long and are very strong.


Hardwood is quite expensive and can be noisy to walk on. They may sometimes need refinishing are vulnerable to humidity and wetness. Also, some of its finishes get scratched easily, so be careful when moving furniture!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is good for any room in the house because of its resiliency. Though, the laminate should not be put in a bathroom, laundry room or kitchen, because it must not get wet.


Laminate does not scratch easily and it is good for pets because they won’t be able to stain or scratch it. Best of all, laminate flooring also looks like tile or hardwood. They are easy to maintain and install and are budget friendly!


Laminate flooring cannot be refinished and may be slippery sometimes. Most are not waterproof and do not have a resale value. To some people it will appear fake, also.

Vinyl Flooring

This is good for a laundry room because it helps reduce the sound from laundry equipment. Its warmth makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom. It is very cheap and can fit into any budget for flooring option. It is also durable.


Vinyl flooring is quiet and comfortable to walk on. It is resilient and cheaper than other flooring choices. It is easy to maintain and install. It also comes with several patterns and colors to suit your decoration.


Vinyl tears easily and can be difficult to clean. It can be easily destroyed by sharp objects and does not stand up well to heavy objects. If exposed to much sunlight, its colors can fade. Vinyl can also be damaged by high temperatures.

Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic flooring is water resistant and is ideal for a kitchen or bathroom. It is also perfect for eating where drinks and food are spilled regularly. Ceramic floor tiles are easy to clean. Stains, liquids, and dirt all fall off the surface which make it quick to clean. Ceramic tile has different materials and sizes, for example, porcelain, marble, slate, granite, and travertine.


Ceramic tile is very strong and unaffected by scratches. It is also waterproof. Moreover, stains are not a problem because it is very easy to clean.


It echoes a lot and very loud to walk on. Also, underground heating methods for ceramics are very costly. When it gets cold, you may want heated ceramic. So, either wear warm socks or open the bank account!

Marble Flooring

Marble is a well-designed stone that can be used as a lovely flooring material. Marble provides a bit of refinement and brilliance to its surrounding, whether a living room or basement. Though, it can be used in all rooms. Marble stone is soft and allows you to choose your design ideas and patterns.


Marble flooring is a much desired flooring for people. It shines a lot which gives it a desirable elegance. Marble floor tiles are made of natural stone which makes it unique and distinctive. It is also best in areas with continuous use and lots of traffic due to its high density.


Marble flooring is stain prone and can be damaged easily if not well maintained. It is vulnerable to damages such as chips, breakages, and cracks. It may cause accidents because it is very slippery. Also, it is very expensive.

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