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Choosing a Chair For the Nursery

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Finding The Right Nursery Chair

When you’re putting together a wish-list for your new bundle of joy, many things are easy to come by and prove to be easy decisions. Diapers, crib, change table, dresser, wipes, etc. But a good nursery chair is like a fine wine - it’s all about your personal tastes and no one can really tell you what’s going to suit your needs best.

You’ll inevitably be spending quite a bit of time in this chair over the next couple of years, so making sure you weigh out your options is a good way to begin the search. Consider how many children you’re planning to have, and if durability and longevity is a key factor for you. Build quality is another must-have - there’s nothing worse than trying to rock your fussy baby to sleep while your discount nursery rocker clicks and squeaks every time you move.

Whatever you end up choosing, be sure to involve your spouse. They too, will spend a lot of time in this chair, so having one that meets your collective expectations is a great way to share the bedtime routine. Here are a few ideas and tips for choosing the right chair for the nursery:

Nursery Styles

The first step is to pay a visit to your friendly neighbourhood furniture store to try out a few different models - and there are plenty to choose from. A recliner can be an excellent choice for those new parents who find they can’t resist the allure of the lullabies either.

Rockers have been staples of the nursery chair selection process for millennia. They provide a familiar movement that your baby will likely find soothing and comforting, making them a perfect, simple, and affordable choice. There’s also glider models that are very similar to that of traditional rockers, yet feature a more modern mechanism responsible for movement.

There’s also the choice to purchase yourself a classy reading chair for use in the nursery. No one says you absolutely have to choose a traditional chair with motion. If you’re confident in your ability to feed, read stories and lull your little one to sleep, there’s no reason why a sleek new upholstered chair can’t be used in a nursery space.

You can always get fancy with hybrid style rocker-recliners that blend reclining comfort with perpetual rocking motion. The choice is yours, so be sure to take your time and sit in a few different types of chairs. Consider beefing up your comfort with a nice couple of pillows if you choose a simple rocker, and consider purchasing a wider seat that can accommodate a couple of blankets and can provide you with the level of comfort you’ll need to build some great memories.

Whatever your preference, the biggest aspect of the style choice is making sure there’s enough travel in the rocking mechanism so that sound caused by banging and stoppage of range doesn’t wake your baby. Functionality and style go hand in hand!

Colours & Materials

The sky's the limit with nursery chairs. Nearly every conceivable colour of seat is available, in nearly all types of materials, so consider your nursery decor, wall colour, the gender of your son or daughter, and make your choice to compliment the nursery and the aesthetic you’re aiming for. White chairs offer a nice pop of freshness, in both blue and pink rooms - but also yellow, green, grey, and other neutral tones for those of you who choose to not to obey the old school constraints of traditional gender roles, or opt to not learn what you’re having head of time.

A traditional wooden rocker is a great choice, as it provides longevity, durability and quality. Wood rarely goes out of style, too, making it a good choice for a plethora of designs and nursery styles. Stained oak, maple, teak, or birch each lend their own warm, organic vibes to a nursery space. Although, if your nursery dreams are a little more postmodern, a chair that’s constructed with metal components can lend a chic visual appeal to a great new nursery.

Like we said - the nursery chair is all about making powerful lasting memories, so choose what’s right for you and your family. Weigh your options and have fun with it!

Chair Size

While a chic and dainty little nursery chair may be the hottest thing on the furniture store showroom floor, is it going to fit your lifestyle? Alternatively, the plush La-Z-Boy style recliner may look and feel great, but if your nursery space is on the small size, is this a good decision?

Considering the size of your space, and the size of the chair and how it will correlate to comfort is a critical aspect of the decision-making process. If you and your spouse are tall, big people in general, a tiny wooden rail chair likely won’t be a good choice. There are also wider version of rockers available, so comfort and a bit of extra space can be had.

Nursery Chairs for the Future

Ask yourself what the primary purpose of your nursery chair is going to be; it could be bedtime stories and reading books, or snuggling up and lulling your little one to sleep. Maybe there’s some discussion around early morning feeding, or late night rocks. Ask yourself what types of activities (likely all of the above) and make your choice based on what you feel you’ll have the most success with.

Chairs these days can even come with features like coolers in the arm rest for those of us who would like to have a bottle on hand without having to run to the kitchen in the middle of the night, or massage for others who may have a bad back and have to run around all through the night - so gauge what you think you’ll need and assess what’s going to make your parenting schedule a little easier, and a little comfier.

One day, you’ll have no need for the nursery, and the baby rocker will inevitably have to be moved elsewhere in your home. If you plan to have more kids - great - but if not, or you’re purchasing to update your existing nursery chair, think about the future of this piece. Where’s it going to go when the nursery is no more? Is it functional and chic enough to adorn your man cave, basement, or rec room? Consider if the chair itself can, or will, be used in the living room, in a reading nook, or a sunroom one day. A good quality nursery chair can be a big purchase, so be sure to choose accordingly.

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