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Choosing a Kid and Pet Friendly Couch that You'll Still Love

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Nearly every parent or pet owner can relate to coming home from a long day, eager for respite on the couch, only to find a fresh stain, smudge, or clump of mud occupying their favourite spot. We feel your pain.

It can be difficult to keep your home furnishings looking like show pieces when two members of your family - your kids and your pets – so easily leave paths of innocent destruction in their wake. There’s also the question of what type of couch to purchase to  prevent potential injuries, bumps and bruises. Different layouts, shapes and designs can be of great value to your active lifestyle as well.

But you deserve to enjoy your furniture, as well. It should be attractive, tasteful, affordable, and durable. Choosing the right type of couch, whether it be a  loveseatsectional sofa, or a movie lounger, for example, can be a difficult decision, but it doesn’t have to be. Your new pick has to be family-friendly, and comfy!

Check out these tips to help you make the best choice for a house filled with the love, and chaos, of kids and pets.

Choosing the Perfect Material

Many  different affordable couch materials can help to resist stains and fur deposits better than others. Many people quickly head for a leather solution, because of its natural ability to withstand stains and fur; simply wipe it off and move on, right? Partially, yes.

If you own cats or large playful dogs who like to jump up on the couch, claw marks and possible tears can ruin an expensive genuine or bonded leather finish. Those tiny insignificant claw marks do add patina over time, which is considered a desirable effect for aged leather.

Instead, consider a tweed, twill, or micro-fiber alternative, known for their tight weave and moisture/stain repelling characteristics. 

Choose the Right Colours

If you have, say, a Chocolate Labrador, you may wish to steer clear of white or cream coloured fabrics to help camouflage or disguise your fabrics. A white couch doesn’t lend itself well to cola, juice or mud stains from your little one, either. Vice versa, that shedding white cat of yours probably won’t jive well with a black suede couch. If it’s a possibility, cater your couch design choices to blend with your pets colour, and use washable/contrasting throw pillows as design accents to dress them up. As an alternative, you can also choose a busy, complex pattern of colour to help cover up and potential spills or fur. 

Make Your Space Kid/Pet Proof

As a general tip, strategize your living room to deter kids and pets from accessing spots that are vulnerable to  spills and muddy paws. If you have small dogs, embrace the option of a tall couch, and remove ottomans or stools that could act as steps to that coveted comfy spot. Make sure you opt for rounded edges, rather than angular corners on your new couch to help legs, sleeves and backpacks from catching and potentially knocking something over or onto your couch. Ensure that the couch is good and sturdy, as an easily moveable couch can nudge and knock over surrounding end tables, lamps, create runs in area rugs, etc. A good quality couch is a must when searching out your new furniture, and will contribute to the durability of your busy space.

Use Décor to Your Advantage

Invest in machine-washable everything. This includes throw pillow covers, couch cushion covers, curtains, and blankets. As a bonus, try to purchase coverings that are not made of  materials that attract hair, and can repel a liquid or stain as well. There are many stain protection sprays available as well that can help you in your quest to keep your new couch showroom fresh. These sprays add a protective layer that beads off liquid and repels stains. Regardless of your material choice, these sprays can provide an additional layer of protection against child and pet accidents. Be sure to investigate whether the sprays are compatible with your new couch material.

Designate a Space Just for Them

Aside from creating a child and pet proof space, it’s never a bad idea to designate a space to your children and pets, away from your prized new couch. Revamp a nearby mudroom to accommodate an art corner, put a smaller kids couch in an impromptu lounging area, and include the dog bed. Depending on the season, an inspired outdoor play station is a great alternative to being indoors. Consider an outdoor couch set and a durable area rug for the backyard as an additional space that your family can enjoy together without having to worry much about the fancy new couch earning its damage stripes inside. 

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