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Helpful Online Resources for Christmas

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Christmas time is busy... for everyone. 

So we're here to help.

We've already shared a few tips on setting up your living room for the holidays and a few affordable decor ideas. But we thought we could do a little more. So we made a one-stop guide for some of the internet's top Christmas resources for you to use in the holidays. Enjoy!

Printable Gift Tags

Via Creative Feel Designs

If you’re like me, your penmanship doesn’t have that “Christmas flare.” Add the extra little touch to your gifts this year with these awesome holiday tags. These printable present tags from Creative Feel Designs are easy to download, share, print, and cut!

Christmas gift tags

Gingerbread Recipe

Via Genius Kitchen

Gingerbread cookies are a perfect snack any time of the day around Christmas. If you want to stand out this year and opt out of the store bought gingerbread options, this recipe is for you. Make gingerbread houses with the family by just doubling the recipe!

Gift Ideas

Via Uncommon Goods

Choosing the perfect gift for someone is difficult. Make gift buying easier with Uncommon Goods’ product list. As you would expect, Uncommon Goods has a wide variety of items for you to choose from that'll do all the thinking for you. Sort by categories like “Under $25” and “stocking stuffers” and make Christmas shopping easy.

Home Decor Inspiration

Via Aratari At Home

Home decor, something we talk about regularly at Pallucci Furniture. Lindsay Aratari has a wonderful blog with content dedicated to showcasing homes around Christmas. Lindsay’s photo tours will give you that added boost of inspiration you need to make your home feel warm and inviting for the holidays.

Jamie Oliver's Cooking Tips

Via Radio Times

Jamie Oliver offers his top 5 Christmas cooking tips in a concise guide that is a must-bookmark page! Jamie’s tips are simple but effective. With one or two extra ingredients, you can transform your gravy from average tasting to mouthwatering with ease.

Christmas Bucket List

Via Country Living

Looking to change things up this holiday season? Check out this infographic from Country Living that'll give you a few things to do this Christmas. From hopping on facetime with an old friend to creating your own Christmas tree ornaments, this fun infographic is excellent for getting you into the holiday spirit. Do it yourself or challenge your friends, it’s up to you.

Holiday Tipping Checklist

Via Real Simple

As we approach Christmas Day, feelings of generosity tend to kick in. If you’re financially able and want to share the joy this holiday season, check out this list to see the appropriate tip per profession.

Christmas Cocktails

Via Inspired By Charm

We’ve all tried the classic eggnog for our holiday fix, why not spice it up with a festive cocktail? Your guests will be blown away when they see the cocktail you’ve prepared. If you’re lucky, you already have a few extra ornaments laying around. If not, head a local store for an affordable and unique Christmas cocktail experience.

Travelling for Christmas

Via Cheap Flights

Traveling during Christmas is stressful. Take a load off your shoulders with this perfect guide for holiday vacations. The guide includes tips on booking trips and packing gifts, and a few reminders to look at before you leave the house. Keep focused on enjoying time with your loved ones and not on all the traveling stress.

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