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Which Living Room Layout is Perfect for Your Space?

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Whether you’ve chosen to completely renovate an existing living room space, build a new one from scratch, or rearrange some furniture you already own, your perfect living room layout won’t happen without a solid plan.

It may be as simple as moving that under-used chic loveseat upstairs from the basement, or letting those master bedroom reading nook chairs sub-in for the tired second sofa. Whatever your space, you’ll benefit from taking a good hard look, assessing your needs and goals, and going for it with a solid plan in mind. You have an infinite number of possibilities – two sofas, two chairs and a loveseat, or one chair and a couch, are a few popular set ups’ that lend themselves well to different spaces.

Living room furniture layout can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll help take you through some possible arrangement situations that may come up in your own refurnishing or renovation process to help your plan become a reality.

Don’t Be Seduced by the ‘Matching Set’

Many furniture stores will match together a sofa, loveseat and chair as a set, but have you ever seen this combination in a chic home, cottage, or design magazine? Probably never. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a matching set, but these mix-matched sizes of furniture can make for a cluttered or disorganized living room layout.

On the other hand, opting to break up the matching set when you get home can get you a great deal from your furniture store - and you can furnish two rooms at once, embracing one of the below arrangement suggestions while keeping an additional piece of furniture for another room.

This layout can hinder your ability to experiment with different layouts in a single room, as the loveseat/sofa combo usually only appears to fit when arranged in an “L” shape. Embrace your creativity, and cherry-pick from a wide array of available styles and layout options.

Two Sofas and a Chair

Consider looking into examples of rooms that boast matching sofas, and leaving the loveseat out of the equation. You’ll have more flexibility in your arrangement possibilities as a result. Adding a chair to a formal living room will contribute symmetry.

A two couch layout will place emphasis on conversation in the room, placing the sofas across from eachother with your new chair to the left or right. This asymmetrical layout can help to make your room feel more casual and will promote interaction between your guests.

Two large sofas look great in open concept living spaces because they create definition and flow around furniture. They usually function as the hub of the home, so a larger group of people can do different things in the same room, separated by the personality of each created space.

A Sectional and a Chair

Paired with a great plush stool or ottoman, this layout option is great for movie nights and lounging. It’s great for relaxing, and the L shape of a sectional also promotes conversation as you’ll be facing your guests.

The chair acts as a bit of a retreat for an individual seeking some alone time from the coziness of the sectional and adds variation to your space. Perfect for reading, the occasional cat nap, and entertaining, the sectional is a warmer option than a traditional sofa/loveseat set.

This layout option works well in large rooms with fewer windows, as the size and rather limited layout options for an “L” shaped sectional inhibit its ability to go just anywhere. Lots of windows mean you can’t plop the sectional in front of them, and choosing this idea for a smaller room can make it feel like a cramped maze.

Couch (or Loveseat) and Two Chairs

A perfect layout for a room that beckons for a timeless arrangement. This classic set up lends itself well to a kid-friendly household, as the chairs can easily be moved to accommodate a play area, while maintaining a conversation area separated by an ottoman or a coffee table.

Arguably the most flexible layout choice, two large upholstered chairs and a sofa or a loveseat in a smaller room, can be arranged in many, many ways. Chairs can face eachother, helping to establish sightlines and symmetry, or across from the sofa, promoting a social space. They can also be placed beside the sofa or loveseat if your space demands you create a sightline to a television or a large window with a great view.

This arrangement can also look great in a long, rectangular living room space. The chairs add function to a narrow space, and help to create function, rather than simply filling the room with bulky furniture to get rid of open space. Adding a third chair can create a whole separate social space, while leaving the couch as a comfy area within the room.

In a small space, this arrangement works well by pulling a loveseat and two chairs away from the walls.

Four Chairs?

A very formal option, this arrangement can be tricky to accommodate in any room. It can be used to place emphasis on a focal point like a television or a fireplace, and can be further adapted for an entertainment layout if you were to add floor pillows and a cushy rug to create a cozy conversation circle.

It also lends itself well to an outdoor living room space, say on a deck, or veranda. The chairs can be rearranged in just about any fathomable configuration, and can easily be oriented to cater to new focal points, like a setting sun, shoreline, or cityscape. 

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