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How to Sell Your Furniture Online

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Selling your furniture can be surprisingly difficult. The need to sell furniture may arise from different circumstances such as wanting to change your old furniture, change of location, or you wish to get rid of them. Whatever your reason is, make sure you take the necessary steps to ensuring your furniture is perfect to sell. Get the maximum profit out of selling your upholstery by using these tips. 

Clean Your Furniture

A spotless piece of furniture is certainly easier to sell and should get you a good price. Get rid of any messes and stains, and refine its edges. Stain removers are extremely powerful, so don’t underestimate what they will do to your sofa! Ketchup stains and coffee spills on your sofa are no match for powerful cleaning tools.

Of course, ensure your furniture has no obvious rips or cuts. Ideally, any faults that are easy to fix should be done so before selling, as the buyer could try to low-ball your furniture. Check for the bottom parts of the couch, such as the legs to ensure they are set up correctly. 

Pricing Your Furniture


Knowing the value of your furniture will help resolve if it is worth selling it or not. Getting an accurate price for selling your furniture can really be tough, you do not want to underprice, but you do not want to overprice as well. 

Go online and check similar furniture

Go online and check some of the present styles and see how yours would fit. For instance, plain colored sofas will sell more than a big-tartan one. If you are planning a move, bookmark the page and check back every few days. Look at Craigslist and other online websites and see how much other individuals are selling similar items. For almost all furniture, you can easily find an online guide to furniture valuation which can provide you with ranges of prices. Also, try to know the model, materials used or producer of your furniture, this can make getting items as similar to yours much easier online.

Good pricing

The simplest way to get a price is to always reduce 20% on the price you purchased it for. This is standard in the industry, and this is a sensible guide for quality furniture. Though, this is just a reference point. You may cut down the price depending on various factors, such as the condition of the material, stronger furniture, quality, style and so on. If the furniture has aged quite, you may have to adjust the price accordingly. It’s best to start with 20% as a reference point and work from there.

Get old-fashioned furniture assessed by a professional

Old-fashioned items are sometimes worth a lot more than their original price. If you’re not a professional in antiques, and not ready to do a great deal of research into similar products, it’s best to contact a professional. Most traditional stores have evaluators who offer you an honest opinion about your possible price.

Where to Sell?


After determining the ideal price for your furniture, you might be worried about how to sell it. Don’t worry, there are various websites ready to be of help. 


A commerce website suitable for both the customer and seller. Here, you will be able to put the furniture in a classifieds segment of your town, post pictures of it, then wait to see if people are interested. No need for a middleman, and it’s also free. You only have to write about the item, price, post, organize the time for pickup, and finish the transaction. Make sure you include whether or not you can deliver the furniture, some people don’t have access to a vehicle! 

Facebook Marketplace

This social networking group has a lot of members who are always ready to shop. It is a warm community that offers an easy and fast tool when you want to sell your furniture fast and cheap. Similar to Craigslist, it’s free to post products on Facebook and connecting with buyers is easy! Within seconds, you’ll be connected to a buyer via Facebook messenger and on your way to making some cash!

Make sure you look at your upholstery from a buyer’s perspective. A furniture must be usable, practical, and comfortable in other to sell fast.

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