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Furniture Trends for 2018

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Do you want to start 2018 off strong with new furniture ideas? If 2017 taught us anything, it's that furniture trends are coming from all directions and there's something for everyone. The best thing about these trends is that there are so many options! Some trends make a larger statement, while others try to keep it cool.

Every year new trends emerge and revolutionize how we view modern living spaces.

An area in the living space that sees constant change is the furniture. Furniture, like other areas of home design, requires you to find an adequate balance between individuality and style. Finding the right couch, coffee table, or chair to match the latest trends is crucial. 

Whether you’re trying to maintain the hottest bed and breakfast in town, or just like trying new styles, 2018 offers some new trends to get excited about. Here are a few of the most notable trends to look for and check out in store today. 

Comfort Couches

Milan Furniture Fair 

Who says couches can’t be stylish and comfy?

2018 will see a move towards adding comfort to the living room while mixing in some modern style. Curved and puffy couches are popping up in more homes and redefining the living room. The comfort trend represents a shift away from straight geometric figures and moves forward a round dimension. The mixing furniture structures will continue to battle throughout 2018, as both possess a their own special traits.  

Adding comfort doesn't have to only mean changing the shape of your furniture. Adopting the comfort trend is as easy as adding a few pillows. An accessory or two goes a long way!

Metal Furniture

Another trend for 2018 will be adding a modern, metal additions to furniture.

Metal pieces are commonly found in the legs of chairs, couches, and tables. Metal legs go well with both simple shapes as well as complex curves. The metal frames represent a modern/retro twist that brings back an urban industrial feeling to the living room.

Dense downtown cores, such as Vancouver, will see many apartments adopting metal styles and designs. Look for easy additions to spark some modern flair into your home. Some great options for side items are coffee tables, benches, and mini tables.

Velvet Furniture is Back

One King's Lane:

Velvet is back and is here to stay. Velvet is another excellent option for mixing in retro and modern furniture. Keep in mind that there are different types of velvet; especially for couches, where a particular kind of velvet can completely change the room.

Here are a few velvet dos and don't from Herald Homes:

Dos and Don’ts

-Do opt for a chair in a weave or flat fabric to contrast with a velvet sofa.

-Don’t hesitate to mix different velvet textures in the same room.

-Do choose velvet in a colour that is modern, such as chartreuse and turquoise. It’s like mixing old and new.

-Do down-filled cushions on a velvet sofa or chair. It looks inviting and is very luxurious.

A bonus about velvet is that it's quick and simple to clean! Click here for a few tips on cleaning velvet material.

Recycled Furniture

via Pinterest

If you are the do-it-yourself type of person, you’ll enjoy the recycled furniture trend. Look for new pieces of refurbished materials into new furniture pieces in 2018.

There is nothing better than furniture that possesses the unique element of the craft. Some recycled examples are old crates or chests that are transformed into living room pieces. 

Old materials or not, recycled and reclaimed material made furniture is great for both urban apartments and homes in the suburbs. A great option is rustic wood, it makes for a warm living room, especially with dark colours to match! 


Interior Zine: 

Keeping it simple and relaxed.

Minimalism is all about the belief that less is more. Focus on adding furniture that emphasizes quality over quantity. A living room that focuses on quality furniture is spacious and inviting, great for social gatherings. 

For 2018, keep the nick nacks to a minimum and help your furniture stand out by shifting focus to what's important!  

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