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How to Choose a Paint Colour for your Apartment

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It’s your home

When it comes to painting your home, the best rule is to ban all rules. No matter how worried you are about "screwing up," or "picking a bad colour," it's only going to make the job harder, especially if you're stressed about it. Your house should reflect who you are as a person. Not getting overly psychological, but try using your personality as key to finding the right hues for each living space, then act like an artist and blend it to your furniture. Or paint first, then pick your furniture. It's up to you. When deciding on furniture to match your living room or bedroom, there are several things you should consider before making the purchase. Everyone home and style is different, it’s important to prioritize your personality when choosing the right paint colour.

Finding the right paint colour

The world we live in is abundant in colour options, and stores don't mess around when it comes to putting those colours into paint. Once you've determined what type of paint you need and want for the walls of your home, you can start colour scheming. Hardware stores have a wide selection of paint colours, and most of them have handy cards with shades that blend well with each other. Just go to the interior paint aisle in your local hardware shop and see what paint options they have for you to view. Like we said, base your colour choices off of your personality. You're not going to want to live in a home with colours that just look “good”; you'll feel so much more satisfied with colours that express yourself and/or your partner. And go ahead - take the paint samples them home. They're free and yours to keep.


Lighting is important in the painting realm because when light hits different angles of the wall, reflects off of a decorative mirror, etc., it can look like a totally different shade from what you originally purchased. Different types of bulbs give off different hues, too. The form of lighting that will be accenting your paint job is important. Floor lamps, desk lamps, overhead lights; lighting varies, so be sure the physical color of the light you're providing doesn't clash with the walls.

Dark & Light Colours

While it's important to stick to personal preference and flavour, be aware that certain colours can cause your room to look smaller. Darker colors absorb light and make spaces seem smaller than they really are. Brighter colors and softer tones look bigger and much more inviting. As a tip, if you paint your walls trim a lighter color than your walls are, it'll look even more spacious.


Decorations are the final step in your painting process, but it's also crucial. As with paints, decor represents your likes, loves, hobbies, and passions. Tweaking your decor to fit your personal life will help you go from a hodgepodge of unrelated items to a collection of individualized knickknacks. Keep in mind, though, that your wall paint might have a clashing say in that green Star Wars: Yoda edition chess set. Also, your wall paint is Going to stay there as long as you want it to, but your decorations are interchangeable. So if you're not as happy with what you've set out in a week as you were the first day you decorated, switch it. We won't judge.

Buying Furniture

Preference and comfort are the keys to buying and matching furniture. You want your walls to complement your furnishings. If you're buying furniture after you've decided on your paint colors, bring the paint samples you took home with you to the furniture store. That way, when picking out a set, you can view the couches, chairs, or beds with a colour sample in hand. You’ll know how they would look under your chosen colors, and not just speculate. Better safe than sorry!

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