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Fall Weather Brings Inside Activities

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With cooler weather brings inside activities. With those inside activities, things can get pretty chaotic inside the home if everyone doesn’t have their own space to move freely in. What do you do when everyone starts to move indoors? Last fall pre-pandemic people were not too worried about their space, because you could escape somewhere indoors elsewhere, like a mall, a restaurant. Now most people who are venturing out, are venturing to get what they need, or going out for a quick bite to eat and then going home again.


So how do you create a space that everyone will enjoy? Start with a list. Give everyone in the family a piece of paper, a pen, and ask them what their top three favorite indoor activities are. Once you have everyone’s list you can sit down and start to go through ideas of what you can do to your home to accommodate everyone’s requests. Maybe that means a new recliner for hubby to nap on. Maybe that means a new desk for your teen to put their computer and mic on to do their YouTube streaming. There are so many ideas that you wouldn’t think you need for your home, till you start asking everyone their input.


Here at Pallucci Furniture we have everything you need to make your family happy and give everyone their own space. We have a wide range of furniture to suit every budget. Whether you want to spruce up that living room, or give your whole house a makeover with our inhouse financing, our free delivery for all orders over $699 and takeaway of your unwanted furniture, the timing has never been better. Oh, did we mention we pay the tax too! Call us to make an appointment to come down to our showroom and let us give you some creature comforts of fall for the entire family! 

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